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 Need help with Animal Crossing Wildworld(yep not the 3ds one)

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PostSubject: Need help with Animal Crossing Wildworld(yep not the 3ds one)   Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:26 pm

UPDATE 2: THE DOORS ARE OPEN!!! i could get online at work please add me and post your code and info so we can visit each other i have all the fruits and i need someone to buy something at nook's ill do the same for you im waiting.....
UPDATE: Ok i got my code and also my name and town please post yours so we can visit each other:
code: 1894-2886-2698
Name: Ivan

Ok first of all since i have a tight budget and so litte time becouse of my work i just can't get the games has they come. Also i have a big backlog and one of them is animal crossing wildworld.

I so wanted to jump on the new 3ds version but i still have a lot to do on the ds version so i still want to play it more but aparently the nook store can't go bigger until someone comes to my town so i wanted to call anyone to play with me maybe tonight or tomorrow or anyday at night to visit my town and i can do the same.
Also if anyone else want's to do this well let's do it!!.
Please let me know i really want to get nook store bigger, also if you need any fruit i think i got them all so you can come and grab some, i'll update with my code later becouse im at work atm.
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Need help with Animal Crossing Wildworld(yep not the 3ds one)
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