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 Volcanic Activity

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PostSubject: Volcanic Activity   Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:54 pm

Sup all, I have been on Grank hour 7 for a little bit, and I recently got stuck on Volcanic activity a quest with steel uragaan and rathy.

My tactic so far has been swax before ceaded with goldbeard armor with water attack +2 gemmed to take out S. Ura with bombs and traps as fast as possible, then just fuck with rathy < not really the problem here. I havent been able to get a less then 30 min kill with s.ura not sure what im doing wrong. Any other tactics or weapons you all would suggest on this quest?

Also since im going to be soloing dire maralis soon, what weapons/armor for SA or DS would you suggest for him? Also Grank ala out yet, if so what wep should I use on him? Looking for just any suggestions or tips that could further help me progress in Grank?

I wont stop till I have Mizars, so any tips to that point would be greatly appreciated.

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PostSubject: Re: Volcanic Activity   Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:16 am

So you have a Ceadeus Switch Axe? An upgrade before Ceadeed Axe? Seems like it should be doing the trick...

Are you using the Sword Mode frequently? Ceadeus Switch Axe has Power Phial, and that's a 20% increase in attack damage using Sword Mode.
I'm not sure if you should concern yourself with Water Attack+2. The Ceadeus Axe has a little bit of water, and it wouldn't be increased by much with Water Attack+.
You could perhaps try getting Critical Eye? I think it would work out better.

Is your Armor full Helios Z armor? I recommend changing the waist to Helios X waist. You won't have full points for water attack+1, but you'll have Sharpness+1 without having to use gems/talismans to remove Blunt Edge.

If you're using the infinite slash in Axe mode(that move that takes stamina away), refrain from using it as your attacking method. It's a very weak move and can be neglected.
You could however use the beginning of the infinite slash to return to an Overhead slash

Uragaan is a slow monster at most times and can leave himself open for many attacks. For Example: the super chin slam will make him stall for a while. Tremor Proof/rolling through the tremors can be beneficial in this situation, and can get you a lot of hits in Uragaan's Stomach(weak zone). When Uragaan is shooting those rocks from his tail, roll through the attack and strike his stomach(this will be a little bit more difficult with the S. Uragaan and his larger rocks filled with nastiness). When Uragaan is expelling gases from his body, rush to his tail and slash at it(you'reva switch axe user, so this won't be hard to do).

You could fight Steel Uragaan on its own to get a better understanding of him.

For Volcanic Activity, I'd recommend a hammer. Uragaan's very sensitive to K.O'S and Rathalos' face is weak to impact damage. A dragon or Water hammer would be good enough. Oh, and the hammer should have high sharpness for speedier knock outs.
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PostSubject: Re: Volcanic Activity   Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:29 am

also try to break S.uras chin (preferably with Bombs as they ignore defence) as after breaking it the chin bekomes a weakspot that is also very weak to dragon element. i did the quest with a dragon GS but use which ever weapon type you like.
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PostSubject: Re: Volcanic Activity   

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Volcanic Activity
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