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 Finally getting a wii u!!! any advices??

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PostSubject: Finally getting a wii u!!! any advices??   Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:18 pm

UPDATE1: Since i got no answers and mybe someone is interested in this matter i'll point out wath i have to do so far, haven't done it yet becouse im getting the wii u today after i get out of work:
1. Have a save slot for each player on the wii u. A save slot can have 3 character.
2. The 3ds system can only have 1 save slot (3 characters) at a time.
3. Since i have been playing on my 3ds i'll have to first transfer all my progress to the wii u, by doing this the 3ds will "Cut And paste" or Move the save file to the wii u, leaving my 3ds empty.
4. Now that i have the 2 save files, on the wii u (first im going to transfer the 3ds one and then create one for my wife), we have to decide who is going to play on the 3ds and then transfer the file to the 3ds.
5. By transfering the file to the 3ds the wii u will "copy" the file and send it to the 3ds, the file will still be on the wii u so if we play on it may corrupt the save file on the 3ds, so after the transfer to the 3ds we have to picture the wii u file has locked.
6. After playing and if we want to send all the progress to the wii u, once again the wii u will "cut and paste" or move or update the progress done while playing on the 3ds to the wii u file, leaving the 3ds empty.
7. So if you have a wii u and you play local multiplayer, we have to picture the 3ds has a "temporal folder", that we have to clear after playing.

Well that's about it, hope this helps anyone else, or maybe you all already knew this.

Ok guys almost 1 year but i'm finally getting it. And since i got a 3ds my wife has agreed to play everyday.
So do you have any advices for the set up?.
Any tips or anything i should consider before start playing?

I stoped playing mh3u on my 3ds after i beat all moga missions. so i could engage all the other missions with my wife.

Now this is wath i got: 1 wiiu, 1 3ds, 1 copy of mh3u on my 3ds and 1 copy of mh3u on the wiiu.

I don't want to mess this up becouse my wife is not a gamer, but she has agreed to play with me until we get all the missions, so thats a looooot of gaming heheheheh.

Anyways any advices are welcome, anything from the set up of my wii u to any considerations i should take before and while playing. Thanks a lot!!!
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Finally getting a wii u!!! any advices??
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