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 !OnlinePlay! Ken Kurobasa

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Ken Kurobasa

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PostSubject: !OnlinePlay! Ken Kurobasa   Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:52 pm

Thats right folks, I'm back... shocking i know. But save your tears for the sheep!  /versad/  I am back with good news, I got Monster hunter tri ultimate a while back and well... it's for the wii u, so I can party with people! Come on big smiles!  TrollJho ...Okay wrong one to use since I didn't notice the highlight name but meh, still a smile.

Anyway, I have a request... Besides getting to Hr 4 (I have the urgent) I want to farm the Barchydios for his armor and at least one or two of his weapons... Think you all could help me out? Faster the better. I really do appreciate it of course.

You can find me in World Free D, Lobby Lobby 1 , Room Name Kuro! Pass if I put one up will be kuro too lol.

Really, it would be nice to hunt with people that have some common sense -.-... I swear hunted with one too many people who have had random bits of armor on!

Oh, and my new name on MH is Minos, short for MinosJupiter.
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!OnlinePlay! Ken Kurobasa
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