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 MHPTunnel hunters

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PostSubject: MHPTunnel hunters   Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:30 pm

Right, so I had a thought, how many of you guys here use/know about MHPTunnel? It's an excellent program that allows you to play online, much like XLink Kai or AdHoc Party however I have found it much less - temperamental than the other two. If anyone is indeed interested or already uses it to play online feel free to add me on Skype - zfirewyvern, tell me what you've added me for and I can add you to an existing chat where we play on MHPTunnel fairly often! If you require any help setting it up just let me know and I can lend a hand. I will also put a link to a Dropbox where you can download everything you will need in one zipped file below! Link:
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MHPTunnel hunters
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