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PostSubject: CHASING SHINY DROPS! AND SUICIDAL RUNS!   Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:23 pm

I know this is about †MH3U a game that is like old for many of you, but I wanted to share what I was doing to know if you think is a good idea or Iím just wasting my time. And so people that play solo, ike on 3ds, can take advantage of some event quests.

First things first the context: I played mh3u on my 3ds alone because I didnít have a wii u, stopped playing after I beat the game until ďmark of the heroĒ, in this quest I failed so bad that I stopped playing. Also I stopped playing because I wanted to play with my wife on the port once I could get a wii u. Almost 8 months later we stated playing. Right now we are on the first g rank missions and here is where we stopped because I wanted to max the defense on the armors (gold bear ones), from both of us. My wife just loves to go to hunt but she hates mining, so I have to mine 2x times.

So I wanted to make the most of it and I also noticed that there was 1 event i could access on the volcano with a brachy (apparently this one is a super brachy), †so I thought I could go there and get g rank stuff so we could tackle all the g ranks quest with the def maxed and maybe some good skill combinations from the charms I may get.

So I went, and after letting him killed me 3 times on my first test run, I was overjoyed that even the charms and ancient weapons went to the evaluation box, wich i tought they didn't

Now Iím also chasing after brachy shiny and getting melyx chacha, so far Iíve gotten enugh materials to get the demolition blades thanks to melyx chacha, also he got me a gem lolz!! This happened on my char only.
On my wife char since she skipped moga quests Iím just chasing after shiny drops (no melyx awwww), so far Iíve gotten just glowing slime, every †suicidal mining run (with no potion or cool drinks this makes it interesting and also more space for stuff) I get 2 or 3 shiny, also make my chacha to cook stuff and heal or give dash juice so i can keep running. I also gemmed sneak on my mining armor so I can get less stalked by brachy with his 1 hit ko, also gave chacha guard boost and if available quick recovery or agility boost.
So what do you think?? So far Iíve made a lot of money with ancient weapons I donít need, got a lot †of good charms, getting meat cooked, and trolling brachy to get me enough shiny before he kills me or I get killed by the heat. Also this brachy gets enraged just by looking at him lol, just touch him once and he gets enraged, enraged means less slime so I try not †to touch †him.

Well let me know what do you think about this. Some poeople say it affects your guild card unity level or your effectivity on getting good stuff for other people when they send you on missions, that hasn't affected us at all. Also since they are events i think they don't even count.

P.S.: I also tried to do suicidal runs with ala but it was a waste I only got a bouch of scoutes and brkn air pieces with melyx, was losing money, and got bored fast (Iím talking about port hr ala), and also he does not drop any shiny.
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