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What will you Hunt Ride next?

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 Love of the hunt!

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PostSubject: Re: Love of the hunt!   Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:45 am

I want to play online with people but i dont have a wii U only the DS version this sucks XD i usually play my friends wii U version online with random people but he sucks XD
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PostSubject: Love of the hunt!   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:43 am

Hey there guys,

After taking a long hiatus from monster hunter back in July, I am back into the hunt. Coincidentally enough, I got back into it the proceeding weekend of "The Love of Hunt". I guess this would be a good time to catch up on all the event quests I missed out on.

I am currently HR 317, and have a few armor sets I want to complete.
-Missing the head and legs for L.Narga
-I have some weapons/armor sets (Guild gunner and G.bari both missing 1 piece of armor) I want to complete
-I have yet to properly grind on G.Ala, so I might spend a day or two doing that
-I have a love of great swords and most event weapons. I did the S.jin once and got two skulls. Haven't attempted the brachi event quest yet, but would love too
-I have a resolution to hit max HR before MH4 is released, but that won't happen anytime in the near future

That said, I will pretty much want to be hunting L.Narga, G.Ala, event S.Jin and Brachi. If you don't mind helping me grind, then I would be highly appreciative.

I am available today around 3:30 PM eastern. All day Friday-Sunday.
I like hunting and talking, and wouldn't mind starting up a skype group.
If you're interested in that, then feel free to add me on skype: endless.skies

That's pretty much it I'll update this post when I am online in-game with world, city, and pass info.
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Love of the hunt!
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