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 Play MH4U faster?

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PostSubject: Play MH4U faster?   Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:23 am

The "New"3Ds has already released in Japan and is heading to Australia and Nezealand in a couple of weeks (note the AUS version is the same region as EU), but is speculated to not have and official EU release or NA release until 2015 in March Just in time for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

MH4U has thus far been the flagship game for the N3Ds appeareing as it's main demo game at every gaming show since it's reveal and reciving high praises for both the system and the game.. Even more so paired together.

In the first 5 days of launch in Japan MH4G(u) sold 1.7 million copies with close to 300k N3ds' (ll's and regulars) being sold along side it.

But, let's be honest with ourselves.. Who gives a *&^% about the system! What we want to know is if it makes our Monster Hunter sessions better?!!

Lets find out:

Well there you have it.

What are your thoughts on the differences and do you think if you are playing online or local with one or two people having an N3Ds and the others having a regulae 3DS it would change the loading ot timing of the game?

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PostSubject: Re: Play MH4U faster?   Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:37 pm

Most of the time you are in a zone with a monster, and not loading resources, which means it does not affect that much in the hunts.

For example, when playing MHFU, you had an option to preload resources as you are running towards a zone, and also to have most of the game loaded onto the PSP for faster loading. I played with friends that for one reason or another did not do this... all this meant, was that when we were going to a zone, I would always be in the zone a second or 2 before he showed up. This rarely, if ever meant anything meaningful to the overall hunt. I never once said: "If only he zoned in quicker, we could have won."

Is it better to have the new DS over the old one? If you can afford it, go ahead, but it is not game breaking.
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Play MH4U faster?
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