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 How long does the free trial last?

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Yian Garuga

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PostSubject: How long does the free trial last?   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:02 pm

Thinking about trying out this game's free trial then getting a subscription. I really CBA to wait for a western release so I feel like just playing the Japanese version, I mean, it's monster hunter there isn't much I'm gonna need to read besides obviously items and weapons but google translate can somewhat help me with that. At least to the point where I can understand it slightly.

My main question is - how long does the free trial last? I translated the mhf-g website into English and it's something like the free trial lasts until you're HR99? Is that it? Or is it like you have a set amount of time but if you manage to get to HR99 in that time that's as far as you're going? I'm not sure I just need someone to clarify this with me.

EDIT: Another question: how much is said subscription?
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How long does the free trial last?
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