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 LS (Long Sword) Detailed Guide

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PostSubject: LS (Long Sword) Detailed Guide   Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:39 pm

Welcome to my guide of the Long Sword. It's a quick weapon with long range attacks and very powerful spirit attacks (we'll get into that later.)

Let's start with the basic attacks.

Draw: Forward downward slash (you do move forward a bit with this attack).
X: Same as draw. Press X again to do a second downward slash, which is a bit faster and weaker.
A: A quick, weak jab. You can do this after any of the downward slashes.
Press X after the jab to do an uppercut. The uppercut does replace the first downward slash in a combo. Note that you can do this attack if you press X after an evade and combo from it.

Here's your basic combo:
X (or draw)+X+A+X+X+A+X+X+A (repeats)
Downward slash, downward slash, jab, uppercut, downward slash, jab, etc.

You can also start the combo from the jab, since the first downward slash while powerful is also slow.

Another important feature of the LS is the fade slash. Press X+A together to do it. This attack hits a wide range in front of you, but that's not why it's good. When you perform the fade slash, you move back as if it were an evade, which makes it 2 moves in one. You can do this move after any other move. If you want to fade slash to the side, you can hold left/right while pressing X after an attack. This way, you can move out of the way if a monster looks like it's going to do an attack in front.

New to MH4U, if you press R after the fade slash, you'll do a round slash. Not only do you look like a boss, but note that it returns you to the position you were already in before the fade slash, since it makes you move forward. You can affect where the round slash is going via input from the circle pad. If you press X after the round slash, you'll do the uppercut, however you cannot combo from it. If you try to press X after doing the uppercut from the round slash, nothing will happen.

So here's another combo you can do:
XA+R+X+XA+R+X (repeats)
Fade slash, round slash, uppercut, fade slash, round slash, uppercut, etc.

Mastering the fade slash is important, since if you can do so you can do damage and evade at the same time. It's important to use the fade slash even in the first combo.

You might have noticed that the LS doesn't have great base damage compared to the other weapons. To balance this out, the LS has a set of moves called the spirit attacks, which not only do lots of damage themselves, but also improve your basic attacks. But first, to perform the spirit attacks, you also need to obtain spirit energy.

You might have noticed a bar in the top left corner under your health and stamina bar. This is called the "Spirit Gauge."
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
In the picture shown above, the gauge is red but when you start out it will be black, or empty. With each regular attack, the gauge will fill up with red. This is important, because it is what you will be using up to perform the spirit attacks. Also note that the gauge depletes over time.

All of the spirit attacks can be done in succession with R. All of them use of the spirit gauge:
Spirit 1: A downward diagonal slash going to the left. You move slightly forward with this move.
Spirit 2: A downward diagonal slash going to the right. You move slightly backwards with this move.
Spirit 3: A three-hit attack: A slash going to the left, a slash going to the right, and a final downwards slash. Note that you move quite a bit forward with this move, and that while it looks like three separate attacks you only need to press R once.
Spirit 4: A big finisher round slash. Note that it hits mostly on the left side, you move forward with the move, that you sheath automatically with the move and that it's (I believe) the LS's most powerful move.
(You need an almost full gauge to perform the whole combo).

Also note that if you press R after a fade slash, you'll go right to spirit 3 (after the round slash), which makes it a ton easier to connect with spirit 4. I'll get to why connecting with spirit 4 is important soon...

You shouldn't use up the spirit attacks immediately when you fill the gauge. You should use them when a monster is fallen, in a trap, incapacitated or immobile otherwise (or if you are very sure of your positioning...). I say this because not only do you want to maximize your damage with the combo, but you really want to land spirit 4, not because it's powerful, not because it looks cool but because it gives you an attack boost.

If you land spirit 4 on a monster, your spirit gauge will glow white, giving you a 5% attack boost for about 6 mins (you can tell when the boost will run out because the colored glow will start thinning). If you land another spirit 4 attack before the first one runs out, the gauge will glow yellow and you will get a 10% attack boost for about 4 mins. If you land another spirit 4, the gauge will glow red and you'll get an attack boost of 30% for 2 mins. This is ultimately what you want to do to maximize your damage with the LS and make up for that initially low base damage.

That's pretty much it for the LS! I hope that this guide was useful to you, and make sure to correct me if I made any mistakes or missed something important.

Also, for more information, I highly recommend this guide made by gaijin hunter on youtube:

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: LS (Long Sword) Detailed Guide   Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:17 am

I can't help but notice you basically summarized that Youtube video, I see nothing that you couldn't learn by watching it, so no upvote from me.

As an LS main, couple things you forgot. One of the most important things to know is that a Fade Slash doesn't grant any invincibility frames. All it does it simply reposition yourself while continuing your string of attacks, so you need to ensure you're out of the attack hitbox entirely.

You can use the Spirit Gauge as soon as you want whenever you want, regardless of traps or not. This is mostly thanks to general experience with the longsword itself combined with knowledge about the monster you're fighting. With these two things, it's fairly easy to land spirit combos just when regularly fighting by ensuring you're in the right place at the right time.

The Fade Slash -> Approach Slash (what I call that move, since Spirit 4 is technically called the Spirit Roundslash) -> Uppercut combo. You'll notice that where you can do the Uppercut, you can also do this after Spirit 2, so it's important to know that's where you're entering your Spirit Combo from when doing this combo new to MH4U.

Another extremely important feature to note is that you can attack after a roll by pressing X.  Inserting these whenever possible is essential to maximizing your damage output. Also note that, as with many of your attacks, you can angle this attack with your circle pad.

Also, while your basic infinite combo may be Overhead -> Jab -> Uppercut, your infinite combo of Fade Slash -> Approach Slash -> Uppercut 2 (as this is a different uppercut and cannot be used in an attack pattern like Uppercut 1 would) does more damage. It does use your Spirit Gauge, but is easily earned back from your other two attacks. This is because while the Jab is a quick and easy move to get off that you should add whenever you can, it still is a pretty weak one. Considering both infinite combos are 3 attack patterns, and only one of them has a Jab, well, you can figure it out.

Additionally, while with all weapons you can attack while jumping off of a ledge, it's a cool thing to note that you can attack with your Spirit Gauge off of a ledge as well, accelerating your Spirit Combo if you want to go through with it.
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LS (Long Sword) Detailed Guide
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