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 What is the best armor and LS for Toxin Avenger?

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Jake Johnson

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PostSubject: What is the best armor and LS for Toxin Avenger?   Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:46 pm

I have currently become interested in Long Swords - decent hitting power, good range, none of that tedious fooling around in set up like GS's and Hammers cause.

However, I have become hung up on the seven-star quest, Toxin Avenger - where I am to hunt 3 Gigginox in succession.

I can defeat the first one okay, the second one causes a little bit of trouble, and the third one ends up triple-carting me.

I currently wield/wear a Dancing Flames LS and a full set of Barroth S armor.

BTW, your recommendations need to be for someone who is still on the eight-star village quests.
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What is the best armor and LS for Toxin Avenger?
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