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 Would monsters from classic mythology work in MH?

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Jake Johnson

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PostWould monsters from classic mythology work in MH?

See topic.

I was thinking of large monsters like:

Medusa - capable of Stone Gaze (instant death) - weapons crafted from her would have the tiny possibility of an instant kill.

Kraken - extremely powerful leviathan-type dragon. Not as impervious as from Greek myth (Perseus killed it with Medusa's head.)

Scylla - from Homer's Odyssey - a six-headed sea monster.

The Nemean Lion - Heracles' first labor. His hide is impervious to all blade attacks (fight him with a blunt weapon like a hammer or switch ax.)

Trolls or Giants - from Norse mythology
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Would monsters from classic mythology work in MH? :: Comments

Re: Would monsters from classic mythology work in MH?
Post on Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:26 am by MHWF
The problem you would run into with using "classic" mythological monsters in Monster Hunter is that it's already been done.

God of War, Colossus and many other games already use them. Monster Hunter would loose its uniqueness and would be compared to similar monsters in other games. i.e. "The Cyclops in .... looked so much better and the one in Monster Hunter didn't even act like a Cyclops is suppose to."

By using there own made up monsters Capcom has more freedom in looks and behavior.

Would monsters from classic mythology work in MH?

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