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 Who plays MHXX on Switch?

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Kecha Wacha

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PostWho plays MHXX on Switch?

So I know World is right around the corner, but does anyone have MHXX on the Switch? I bought it recently, and I'm loving it and was wondering if anyone else had it and would be interested in some hunting. I would love some friends to regularly hunt with.

PS: I'll still be getting MHWorld, but I'm still going to be activley playing XX.

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Who plays MHXX on Switch? :: Comments

Re: Who plays MHXX on Switch?
Post Today at 9:43 am by BoredForLife
Sooo, got a switch this month and immediately got a GenU copy.
Add me if you will, I'll be subscribing online soon as well.

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Who plays MHXX on Switch?

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