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 Lots of questions

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PostSubject: Lots of questions   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:32 pm

I have some questions about Freedom Unite that i have to ask before buying.

1. I don't have a PSP and there are two models available right now, The normal PSP, and the PSP GO. which is more comfortable for playing Monster hunter.

2. I don't exactly understand the online parts. I know that to play online I will need a PS3 and a program called Xlink Kai, But will I need online to fully experiance the game(like in tri)

3. Will i be able to get any weapon, armor, rank, and fight every monster without the online play.

Thanks in advance. :D
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PostSubject: Re: Lots of questions   Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:40 am

hi godzilla. let me try my best to answer all of your questions..

1) i would recommend buying PSP slim instead of the GO version since all slide up gadgets have a small life span. im not an expert on this but for me, they break easily due to the ribbon attached to the IC for the slide up and it breaks even if you're careful. also the screen on GO is smaller than the slim. the slim is more durable unless you really want to show off then get the GO version.

2)i haven't used Xlink Kai but based on reviews, it's fantastic especially for hardcore hunters who wants to have a quest with a full party. i envy others who can use it.. i need to get a wifi max and the software for Xlink Kai to get mine working. try browsing on youtube for other details.

3)yes, even in offline you can get all the goodies the game has to offer. i just want to clear that you can get all the stuff you need on 2G than UNITE unless you want a full english version. all the downloadable content is already available in 2G and they're still updating unite until now. also, 2G has faster loading time even without the data install.
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Lots of questions
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