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Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) for 3DS

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 Messed up for being reckless

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PostSubject: Messed up for being reckless   Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:39 pm

Hey guys Merry Christmas firsts of all :D :santa: :cheers: . Second Yesteray i was making the cenatenarian dagger and instead of making it a susano blade I made a second one by mistake :affraid: for rushing and i didnt noticed it so i saved my game. Now I am out of out elder thank you"s. I have alrready slayed ten shen gaoren in both guild hr3 and elder urgent lvl 8 and havent gotten another one. is there any way of getting another elder thank you ticket? :scratch:

Thanks guys and happy holidays.
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Messed up for being reckless
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