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 Several questions

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PostSubject: Several questions   Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:43 am

Alright, just got to G-rank and currently have to fight nargacuga but I wanted to get golden falchion before I went after him just to make the fight easier and I need to start upgrading weapons again. My questions:

What's the best thing to fight for Rathian rubies? I've been doing the Cat's Golden Rathian quest and just breaking all parts.

What's a good G*1 armor to go for? I've been checking around and I've thought about akantor armor but need to beat a few gravios for brain stems and get golden rajang pelts. I'm currently using Ceanataur S armor and it is gemmed for attack up (L) and sharpness+1.

Where do I get the rajang pelts? Are they just rarer than usual?

What is a good gunner armor? I tend to use bows/guns on Gaoren/Lao/Gravios/Basarios and I think maybe a few others?

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PostSubject: Re: Several questions   Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:47 am

For gunners get shinobi heaven. Best full gunner set in game rofl. Evade+2/element attack up/autoreload ftw

For blades that's easy you only need to farm one G rank monster and thats congala rofl

Skull Face
Conga Z


all you need until hr9 as for rath rubies do the dual gold/silver rath quests
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PostSubject: Re: Several questions   Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:10 am

Skull face...I think I can make that and the conga Z as well. =l Man, dual rathian and dualable. Gets annoying after a while. I need the rubies from rathalos eventually. Alright, just need to get 1 firecell stone and get those golden rajang pelts. Where do I get those and best place to get them?

If I can't beat fatalis yet, what else should I get?
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PostSubject: Re: Several questions   

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Several questions
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