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 Radiata Stories

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Kecha Wacha

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PostRadiata Stories

Has anyone played this game? I remember, about five years ago, I was in New Hampshire with my family on our routine camping trip, and we were in a Wal-Mart getting food supplies, and I went to my usual spot-the video game/electronics department. I was looking through the PS2 games, because PS2 was the greatest gaming console of that time at the moment, and I came across "Radiata Stories". The cover looked like two girls, one with a bad-ass ax, and the other with a pretty sweet sword. I bought it on a whim, even though when I was that age, I was very sexist when it came to video-games. So, I popped it in the PS2 when i got back home from our trip, and instantly fell in love. Completely Different than I thought it would be. 100+ NPC's to recruit, two different sides you can join later on, awesome armor and weapons that actually changed to what it says it looks like, rather than look exactly the same, just with a different names, and fantastic graphics, even for the PS2? Totally jaw dropping to a thirteen year old. I want to play it again, but sadly, I'm missing the AV cables to my PS2.

I said a lot of pointless crap up there, but I do that a lot. Anyway, I would enjoy to talk about this amazing game. ^^
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Radiata Stories

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