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 Starcraft and Doctors with out Borders.

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PostSubject: Starcraft and Doctors with out Borders.   Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:54 pm

Now some of you may or may not like starcraft, however, there is a charity event going on right now, and you can help out very easily.

There are two people streaming to make the most ad revenue (so turn that adblocker off!) through (part of

They are Liquid`Sheth and Destiny.

Both their revenue will go straight to Doctors without borders AND whoever makes the most will match and donate as well.

And you can help simply by watching one, or both of their streams for however long you please. They will be streaming for 24hrs, yes 24hrs. 24hrs of starcraft. It has been done before by Liquid`TLO and it is a great thing for the community as a whole and it is a good cause.

Here are their streams.

Destiny's Stream (May contain profainy)

Sheth's Stream

Go eSports :>
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Starcraft and Doctors with out Borders.
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