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 Dead Island and the game breaking glitches

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Yian Kut-Ku

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PostDead Island and the game breaking glitches

I've talked about this game in the chatbox a bit (read: a lot), and I've said a lot of good things about it. It is a great game. I would easily have been able to sink as many hours into it as I have in Tri and Oblivion; the combat is fun, there are at least four gigantic zones and you can explore every nook and cranny of them and the game gives you four characters with very different combat styles to do so with.

But right now I can't even beat the game.

On my first play through, I got to 75% plot completion and my 360 started freezing when I tried to load my file. It sucked but as I said, it's a great game, so I made a new file. I finally caught up, did two more plot quests, and suddenly I got hit by a plethora of bugs. Quest progress resets, other quests are completed without giving me the reward; dropped items are disappearing from the world; and both inventory management and shopping have gotten almost impossible. Just to name a few. Between those and some undiagnosed combat problems, my second file is almost unplayable. (Obviously YMMV.)

I'm playing the Xbox 360 version with the most recent patch. And as much as I enjoy the game, I highly recommend that people DO NOT purchase the game for 360 right now. I can't say much about the PS3 and PC versions, but from what I've read it's just a really buggy game on all systems.

I wanted to share because none of the reviews I read before buying said anything about any of these bugs and I know some forum members were interested in getting the game. I would suggest that anyone who wants the game wait for more patches and/or price drops. Unless you've got a ton of disposable income, in which case buy a copy for you and all your friends and get them online, lol.
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Dead Island and the game breaking glitches :: Comments

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Dead Island and the game breaking glitches

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