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 Please help.

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PostSubject: Please help.   Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:44 pm

I'm HR 66 and I got god weapons and armors just that I really 100% don't know anything about those armor skills, awakening and stuff. I removed the random decorations I put to my stuff cause I want to "put the decorations correctly" or something. To add up some skills or bonuses I mean to make things stronger or something? @_@. Really I have no idea about these skill stuff but it's a pain..
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PostSubject: Re: Please help.   Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:05 pm

1. Awakening Skill - allows you to awaken a latent (elemental) attribute in a weapon. Otherwise that weapon will just do raw damage. For instance, if you use Reaver Calamity, the dragon element will only kick in if you have the awakening skill. You can get awaken with Lagi plus or Alatreon armor. Or gem it in.

2. Decorations - can be added into the decoration slots of your armor, weapon, or talismans. When added up together over a sum of ten, you will be granted a skill. However, some skills require more points than ten. For example, Recovery Speed +2 needs 15 points whereas recovery speed +1 needs 10, and Handicraft needs 15.

3. Talismans - gives you skills and points towards that skill. For instance, you have a talisman that says 10 paralysis and 5 clust. Then that means you will have negate paralysis as a skill but will have to gem in clust decos in the decoration slots of your armor to get the clust level up skill.

4. Here are some links to armor skills from the wikia: (tells you what skill comes with what armor)

5. Here is a link to armor generators: You can figure out what what sets you would like to make. Add in decorations and talismans to figure out what skills you want.

I hope I answered everything. Have a good day.

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It's meh

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PostSubject: Re: Please help.   Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:24 pm

Well, the armor you seem to have is Alatreon armor.
Which gives you the skills:
Recovery down: Lowers down how much health you recover from potions.
Awaken: A weapon with no element/status will gain element/status power.
evasion up: You are able to evade with greater distance. You won't be invincible longer, but you do jump several feet XD
Blight proof: You are not affected by elemental blights like fire, ice, water, and dragon.

If you wanna know what skills you can put in, check how many skill points that are required to have a specific skill.
You do this by checking your armor equipment details and use the wii remote to point at the skills.
When you do so, skills appear on the left that display how many skill points are needed to have that specific skill.

Skills to make you "stronger" are skills like Attack up small/medium/large, Critical eye+1-2-3, sharpness+1, adrenaline+2, and fortify.

Personally, I'd gem in evasion+ with the armor myself.
Evasion+1 is perfectly fine for that, but you could add a few more evasion skill points for evasion+2.
You could just avoid this gemming process entirely by equipping barioth or barioth+ armor instead....

anyway:An evade+1 set with alatreon armor if you want it.

Info on skill points:
Skill points are points that add up into skills to use when hunting.

Skills can take from 10 points to 20 points.
Examples of skills:
Speed gatherer - 10 skill points
Gathering +1 - 10 skill points
Gathering +2 - 15 skill points
Sharpness+1 - 15 skill points
Attack up (S) - 10 skill points
Attack up (M) - 15 skill points
Attack up (L) - 20 skill points

Easier skills take only 10 points for the skill to have.
More difficult skills take 15 points.
Skills that add up can take up to 20 skill points and a minimum of 15.

Skills are divided into D skills, C skills, B skills, and A skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Please help.   Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:29 pm

Yeah thanks a lot you two, really. I don't actually know what you're talking about but I kinda actually get it a little bit. You see, my IQ is very low. I don't actually even know what "IQ" stands for which makes me a fantastic idiot.

Well looks like I do have the full set of that Alatreon guy. So I prolly should put the decorations and stuff RANDOMLY right! OK.
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PostSubject: Re: Please help.   

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Please help.
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