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 MHFU vs MHP2G & dual Diablos

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PostSubject: MHFU vs MHP2G & dual Diablos   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:48 pm

i mean, i really like both since they're pretty much the same but the updates and some translations just suck on MHFU.. until now, im still waiting for elder dragon event quests on MHFU so i can farm elder dragon jewels faster solo.. sheesh...

and the 3rd's coming up.. does anyone still want to play 2G if the sequel's available? also, i just want to ask if there's an easy way to tackle both diablos and the black diablos at the same time solo?i can finish the quest but it takes quite some time (like 40 mins for me or less) and almost all of my recovery items just to kill them and it's annoying now. i just created the chaos order hammer and it pawns! tips anyone? :twisted:
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MHFU vs MHP2G & dual Diablos
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