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 Section Guidelines

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PostSubject: Section Guidelines   Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:34 pm

The "Meet up and Play" area for MH3U is for 3DS local play events set ups. You must follow safety Guidelines to post in this section and "Title Formating" for your topic or it will be subject for editing or removal by staff without Warning. This is for legal and safety reasons.


State/Country: example "Alabama/USA"

If a state or region is too short to equl the 10 characters needed for a title you may add a period after the /. <----- for example or as many as you need to equl a to character minimum. Only after the /

If you are just looking for someone to play online with outside of using the WiiU features:


!Online play! (you may also add you forum name to the title)

You can also add what you are hunting after !Online play!. Though !Online play is requiered and your forum name is sugested as well as only having ONE POST PER PERSON FOR ONLINE PLAY AND ONE POST FOR 3DS LOCATION. You can update your title each time you Hunt something new and are looking for new people to hunt with.. For example.

!Online Play! Huntine G. Jaggi- MHWF

each time I post in the section the newest post will appear first letting people know that that is the most current hunt I am on. Later on I can change the original title to state:

!Online Play! Huntine G. Baggi- MHWF

and the next post I make will be the top post and the first one everybody sees first.

Within the message you may not put any direct personal information of any kind.

You may only put:

State, City, Public place (time and date) for meet up event or just "Friends Requests" for people in your area.

If you choose to contact an individual further to make arrangements for Local play, "It can not be through open communication on this Forum and SAFTEY and CAUTION is recomended."

If you are underage (18 or bellow) YOU MUST CONSULT YOUR GAURDIAN.

A sticky with information on how to set up events will follow.

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Section Guidelines
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