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 Local Event Set UP

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PostSubject: Local Event Set UP   Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:59 pm

Event set up

There are going to be several who choose to buy only the 3DS version of MH3U. And to the dismay of many the only way to play with others is through Local Multiplayer due to the lack of Online capabilities. I do not see this as a burden however. I see this as a way to introduce more people to the Monster Hunter series.

I try to speak with my local game stores often and about the capabilities that MH3U will have on both versions so they can better inform others and have in the past as well intend with MH3U to host Local meet ups at Malls and willing gaming sellers to allow their locations to draw in more sells and to have a place for people to Meet and play Monster Hunter Locally together in a safe environment.

With the MHWiki Forums, MonsterHunterNews. the Capcom Unity forums, other MH communities and Soon to be the MH3U community on the Nintendo WiiU I would like to help establish multiple ways for people to get the information about their own local Meet up events told about and to offer advice on how to set up those events in advance.

#1: Plan ahead:

Determin several likely locations to hold the meet up. Malls and Game stores are the best locations. Places with security and other group events. YMCA's and local community centers are good as well.

Pick a Time at least a month in advance so you can speak with all the needed people and so you can advertise in advance for enough people to be there.

#2: Communication:

Speak with the Store manage or any officials in charge of the places you are looking at holding the meet ups. (If you are under 17 I would suggest having your parents accompany you.) Let them know about MH3U and its abilities to play with other owners of the game. Let them know how it's beneficial to have a "SAFE" environment for people to meet up and play and let them know how it will benefit them in allowing you to hold and advertise for people to meet up at their location, ie: Mall: Sales in the food court and other stores, Game Store: Being able to advertise and sell other Multiplayer games and accessories as well as advertising. With community centers as stated above it is a safe environment for everyone to get together.

Once you have a location and a date set you must also communicate that with others to let them know where and when the meet up and play is going to be. There are several ways this can be done.

#3: Spreading word of the event:

Word of mouth: Just talking to others you know who have MH3U or are planning on getting it and letting them tell others. Also ask people at the location area to let others who may be interested in knowing know as well.
The Internet: Visit the Monster Hunter Communities. Like those mentioned and those that his post is on, MHwiki Forums. Capcom Community, MonsterHunterNews and others… Post the location and time of the event (NOT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!) That way anyone part of the communities who might live close to that area can also join in and perhaps help spread the word.
WiiU MH3U Community on the MiiVerse: Though not everyone will have both copies of MH3U those who do have the WiiU version can post (or post for others) meet up events on the MiiVerse. It's surprising how much and how quickly information can get around to other fans on the Nintendo community!

Events like this are also a great way to find out about people you didn't even know were out there. Often times there is a larger fan base for some games around us than we know about. On this community alone I know of several from my own state not that far away.

Just think about how many more can be reached through other communities and the MH3U community once its up and running. All everyone needs is a safe place and time to meet up and to know about it. Then you'd be surprised about how many might show up to learn about the game, get help on an event quest or just hang out for a couple of hours in a food court and play.

It's all about how much people put into it as to what they get out. You may not see much participation at first but over time it does end up working out.

And again since all these sites and the MiiVerse community is visited by people in both the US/EU areas the information is accesable to many people not just one region.

Well, if anyone else has any "Possitive" suggestions please feel free to share them. For those who are planning on just getting the 3DS version or those who have both copies, I feel this is a great way to meet new hunters, spread the popularity of Monster Hunter and hunt with one another!
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Local Event Set UP
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