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 Rathian - Beginner's Guide

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PostSubject: Rathian - Beginner's Guide   Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:37 pm


First, here is a link to my next guide - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Rathian is a Flying Wyvern which inflicts Fireblight and Poison. Her Element is Fire. Rathian sounds tough, and at first, for me she was. But now, I can take her down, and with this guide, so should you! First of all, let's talk about Rathian's weakness. She is weak to the Dragon and Thunder Element.

Now we know her Aliments (Poison and Fireblight), her Element (Fire) and her weakness (Dragon and Thunder.) When you first fight Rathian, you will not be able to craft any weapons that yield the Dragon Element. However, you should be able to have access to the Thunder Element (like me.) I like to use the Chainslaughter on Rathian as it is a LS (Longsword) and it inflicts Thunder. Great! Now we know a good weapon to use, but what makes it even better you may ask? Well, LS have the capability to chop off tails and many other body parts which will give you more than usual materials. And, the Chainslaughter also has green sharpness, giving it a harder blade. Harder blades are better than softer blades because the tougher the monster's skin/hide/scales are, the stronger your weapon will need to be. Yellow sharpness (the sharpness beneath green) will occasionally bounce off the Rathian, so you should keep your sharpness up!

Now, how about we talk about your little minion, Cha-Cha. Once Cha-Cha reaches a certain level, he will get the ability to use a Dragon Element attack! This is good as Rathian is weak to Dragon and Thunder. Dragon is stronger than Thunder when fighting Rathian, but Thunder still increases your damage on Rathian anyway. If you do not have access to the Dragon Element attack on Cha-Cha, just use the Thunder or any other passive skill that will boost YOUR stats. I got the Dragon Element attack after I killed my first Rathian!

How about we talk about armour? Armour is very crucial in hunting, so you'll want a decent suit of armour. Surprisingly, the Jaggi armour works fine against Rathian. You'll want to add two Attack Jewels 1 to your Jaggi armour just so you can get Attack Up (M).
Or, if you want to cap (capture) the Rathian, you COULD try using the Perception skill by getting a talisman/charm that gives +6 Perception or more and then add some Perception Jewels 1. This is optional, but will allow you to see when the Rathian can be captured. On your map, when the Rathian is Paintballed, if her mark is flashing, it means she is ready to be captured! Cutting Rathian's tail off, smashing her face in and capturing her, will result in great rewards. Remember that when you cut her tail that you should carve it as soon as possible (when you're safe or she is attacking Cha-Cha. Basically you have time to carve.)

Eating food is a MUST before you head out to slay that beastly (not so much as you progress) dragon! Unfortunately, The Jaggi armour will give you -10 Fire Defence. However, if you eat Grain + Veg (a common food combination) and flick through how you want your food to be cooked, go find the one that says Firestarter. Other optional skills that come along should be helpful, just try to avoid Gamechanger if the quest is "Unstable". Now then, the Felyne Firestarter skill will boost your Fire Defence by 13 (which happens to me) giving you 3 Fire Defence. Because it's a positive number, it will increase your defence against Fire which should prove incredibly useful.

Well, that is all of my guide. But two more things are left to say so do not go! Firstly, if you complete your full LR (Low Rank) Rathian Blademaster set, you'll have 10 Fire Defence which will prove useful when you fight the Rathalos (the male counterpart of Rathian.) Also, the Gunner set will give you 15 Fire Defence! But don't forget, Gunner sets increase your Elemental Defence, but decrease your Raw Defence. The second thing will be info on optional things to say!

1. If any quest you do is "Unstable" it means "boss" monster will appear (like a Great Jaggi for example.) However, this is not certain unless you get the Felyne Gamechanger skill which will certainly make a "boss" monster appear (if the quest is unstable.)

2. The items you need to get to make the Chainslaughter are found in the Tundra which comes in the 5* Village quests. Have no fear because the Guild quests at the Tavern allow you to go to the Tundra at HR 1 (Hunter Rank 1) which is your first Hunter Rank! Because of this, you can get all of your KIND OF advanced materials to make new weapons and armour (like Lightcrystals and Isisium.)


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Rathian - Beginner's Guide
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