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 Thempdgamer - Monster Hunter Extraodinaire!

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PostSubject: Thempdgamer - Monster Hunter Extraodinaire!   Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:55 am


Thanks for stopping by my thread o: You probably clicked it because you wanted to know, who on earth this so called Monster Hunter Extraordinaire is? Well the names Yazo aka thempdgamer aka the destroyer of all hard monsters (I wish). I make monster hunter videos for YouTube and have been doing so for a few months now! I'm a friendly guy and really enjoy the MH community :D! I'm sat at around 2000 subscribers at the moment and if you like my videos feel free to subscribe or just chat to me in the comments!

Here's a taste of some of my current shows, I have something for everyone!

This is an example of the monster guides series I do to help out all the hunters!

This is the road to g-rank series I do with my brothers :D One's 10 and the others 18 and both have monster hunter channels :D This is just to watch me do some regular hunts Yes by vort.

Finally this is the Noob highlight series I do on my channel, it's a more comedic approach to monster hunter videos and my most successful series. Being featured on hub channels with 13,000 subscribers - 130,000 subscribers. So if you want to MH played in a slightly different light then be sure to watch it!

We'll that's it from me, I'll also be adding in a speed-run series and much more monster hunter content in the future! Hope to see some of you guys around the channel and play with you guys too Yes by vort See you later!
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Thempdgamer - Monster Hunter Extraodinaire!
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