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 Heeeeyooo =)

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PostHeeeeyooo =)

Hello everyone =)
Im vyzor, and i make LP's on Monster Hunter, started a couple of days ago, but there's more to come, a lot more ;)
Check out if u want, if not, well =)

MH, from the Beggining:

And this LP, me and a friend, Narga, start MH and go strait to the Tanzia Port, kinda hard XD there's a lot of rage =)

Hope you guys enjoy, and GOOD HUNTS /ok/
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Re: Heeeeyooo =)
Post on Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:21 pm by pumpkinslayer
I noticed your video on YouTube a while ago, I didn't watch it then, because I had homework, but I guess I'll watch it now, also, welcome to the forums!

Heeeeyooo =)

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