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 Lament of Nana

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PostLament of Nana

Hi, I am Nana

Some may remember me from back in Tri vanilla and stuffs. I was a pretty big fan of MH and I guess I was pretty good at hunting at least good enough to hold mah own xD (quidam told me so). I hunted with members a lot but those members left a long time ago and maybe they are back now but I don't see them. Towards the end I only hunted with my friends I made like Mia and Chips and yvz (eebee) but not Kasuka cuz Kasuka is a quitter. And I played a lot and made every weapon and killed every monster 1000+ times cept for Ala cuz Mia hate ala xD. I make fun of him and tell him to solo jho but he never do it xD. Even though I played a lot I never got all the awards but I got 999 HR and a boy character with guild bard, but all my friends quit and I was lonely so I left too. Anyhoo I was browsing youtube n Ru made a bunch of slime dinosaur hunts with LS and such and it really gave me a twitch to come back to MH after I "retire" (who retires in games anyways) but thats where my lament come from cuz mah 2 monitors broke n I bought a replacement with the funds I wanted to use to get a wii u ;_; I want to buy a wii u, and now I'm demotivated to buy a wii u cuz my friends like Kasuka, Chips, Yvz, Mia, Lucas ETC dont have wii u either so I cant hunt with them and i duno if MH4 will be on Wii U or just the 3ds but I really don't like handheld cuz 100% if I Hunt I Hunt for like 6 hours maybe on weekends cuz i gotta go work on weekdays plus I dont want to spend 700+ money in like 2 days. Its a shame because I have new internet so I wanted to stream my hunts and show how I hunt live maybe it be boring for all the pros here but I don't see much MH streams on twitch anymore. I never made a introduction thread before when I first joined so I made one now.

TL;DR - I wanna hunt but I don't have Wii u ;_;
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Lament of Nana :: Comments

Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:08 am by zeek
Hi Nana! Lovely to meet ya!
I would love to see some hunts on Twitch more often. o.O
There's always great conversation here.
Hope you manage to acquire one or the other soon!

Personally I love handheld more than home console, but can understand the sit down and play for 6 hours straight would destroy you on a tiny screen.
Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:46 am by ILi
Nice to meet you ^-^ I can understand why you left when your friends did, I kinda did the same and returned just a week before the tri servers closed.
Oni Zelkami
Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:27 am by Oni Zelkami
I have a WiiU. Akai and Vort have a WiiU. Does that not motivate you? I'd love to see the LS Mistress back in action.
Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:05 pm by yvz
Let's hunt when I get WiiU
I recently started playing MH3U. Just checked your tumblr and sorry that your monitors broke down.
Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:10 pm by Yuki
Well nana in my honest opinion I don't believe it's worth it spending money on 3U and a wii u unless 3U drops in price for one. It feels a lot like MHP3rd to me just with all the tri monsters and some subspecies and not all the monsters that were in p3rd have been brought back. I also do not see MH4 going on the wii u people can hope but I highly doubt it it's good to see you have your hunting spirit somewhat back because I've honestly lost mine after 200 hours of 3U. It feels more like a placeholder for mh4 than a game they put all their effort in to it that is just my view on it.

Anywho welcome back if you are back if not best wishes to you sorry to hear about your two monitors also.
Re: Lament of Nana
Post on Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:45 am by kama
Good to Hear from NANA as well as other member from the past years. Sorry to hear about the monitors, its an unfortunate event. Welcome back, Tho I not very active due to RL, you know how that life takes ups most of our time! However, if you do decided to get 3U, hope to catch you there.
Re: Lament of Nana
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Lament of Nana

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