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 Diablo 3 Console

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PostDiablo 3 Console

Does anyone here play? I’m loving this game. I use a Barbarian as my main character, farming MP6 (Master 1) so far, hoping to upgrade this week so I can try and farm MP10. The game is freaking awesome compared to the PC version. Not having the Auction House makes it very fun since your forced to use self-found gear unless you trade. The loot is amazing from Normal Mode up to Inferno. I have items I wouldn’t even dream of having on PC. I’m going to be farming pretty hard on my barb, then will probably make an alt, most likely the Witch Doctor since I never used one before, but I love the Wizard/Demon Hunter so it will be a tough decision even though I plan on making one of each character. I usually play alone but I don’t ever mind playing with forumers. Plus I could use the trades xD Add me on PSN: SnAke_xP
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Diablo 3 Console :: Comments

Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:29 pm by kama
So that being said. the console is nothing like the one on PC. Very interesting to say the least.
Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:48 am by PAiN---
Well, if you are a Diablo fan but was disappointed with D3 for PC, then console version is the way to go, especially if you love to play console as well. Of course the graphics aren’t as good like PC (not that D3 has that good of graphics anyways) and loading times are a bit slower, but you don’t really notice it. And there is still no word of Reaper of Souls being released to console, but we’ll see. Other than that, the game is very fun to play. I’m playing the game with gear and on MP levels I never even got close to on PC. Also, playing with my console friends that never got a chance to play D3 is fun as well. What makes the game fun for me is the loot. There’s no Auction House, so rare drops are common. Legendaries drop pretty well too usually after a boss fight or with enough Magic Find. I never had a single legendary on PC, now on console version I have over 30! (some are useless though). It’s still a farm and grind fest but it doesn’t require the useless countless hours/days looking for that one good item. It’s a great couch game to play, with friends and family and I hope you can port over your save file from PS3 to PS4 when it’s launched on their.
Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:07 am by kama
So they make it more easier to obtain legendary items on the consoles. LoL it seem like blizzard is trolling us hard on the PC version compared to the console. I bet they did this to attract more people to play their game. Ah its a shame d3 on the PC will have a bad rep to begin with. Lets just hope the expansion packet will change for a better. If not then they will lose a large crowd of supporters.....I wont be getting the game on the console since I have the PC version. With more that 500 hour of investment, my barb barely does 130k dps with all the buffs. I bet your barb is almost equivalent to mine already LoL
Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:42 am by PAiN---
Pretty much. The expansion is supposed to be “the savior of d3” lol. Especially with Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0 coming out, so if it’s a success I’m sure a lot of people will come back and play PC. It was worth it for me, on PC I sat around 850 hours on a barb and never touched 100k DPS unless I was in zerker..on PS3 I’m sitting at 290k DPS unbuffed with only around 30 hours and Paragon FIVE lmao. Drops are really interesting, it’s almost like the smart drops for 2.0. For instance, I play a barb, so MOST of the drops I get are going to be stacking in Strength, rarely will I get anything else. It’s made like this so u have to play other classes if you want Int or
Dex. Paragon levels are account wide so whatever your highest paragon level is, all of your characters will be that level.
Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:12 pm by Ataraxia
I got to Hell difficulty on my Monk on the PC version, before the prospect of having to do the same campaign AGAIN; and wanting to transfer to a different server to join people from here made me lose all interest in the game. Oh and the crazy huge lifesteal nerf that took place too, which was my current build and had cost all of the money I'd made up to that point.

Its been a long ass time since I played though; I might dig it out, reinstall and play a DH or something. Maybe...
Re: Diablo 3 Console
Post on Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:12 am by PAiN---
That’s Diablo, doing the same campaign. When you’re farming you should only be farming certain areas of the game though. When I make a new character I like to speed through Hell and get to Inferno as fast as I can so I can start to farm better gear. You probably played and stopped playing early after the game was released but Life Steal is pretty popular as most Monks, Barbs, and a lot of other classes depend on Life Steal now. You would probably love a DH. The DPS is pretty insane, and the gameplay difference from Monk to Demon Hunter is different, basically kiting.
Re: Diablo 3 Console
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Diablo 3 Console

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