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 Hello to one and all!

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Myra the Sark
Myra the Sark

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Hello to one and all! Empty
PostHello to one and all!

Where to start...
As of right now the only MH game I own is Monster Hunter Tri (got it after servers shut down, of course...), and I've beaten it twice as of so far...that mission with the Lagi at the start is what gets me every time.
Pretty much the only monster in the game I have real trouble with is the Uragaan. Everything else poses a challenge once in a blue moon, but other than that, easy. Things I'm good at fighting are: Gigginox, Gobul, Qurupeco, Rathian, and of course those pushovers named Great Jaggi and Great Baggi.
Hopefully I'll have Ultimate along with a 3DS come Christmas, though. Why must the Wii-U be so expensive?!
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Hello to one and all! :: Comments

Re: Hello to one and all!
Post on Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:41 pm by Verity19
Welcome to the forums, Myra ^-^
I also started with Tri, though I was able to go online, which I wish we would've been able to do so together. Would've been fun to introduce you to the Deviljho and Alatreon, but once you get MH3U, you'll be able to meet them there cat
Uragaan's are a reasonable challenge; I myself don't like them due to how time consuming they are... I was always up for group hunts against them, though, since they don't take so long that way. If you get Ultimate, both Uragaan and all those others you mentioned will be there and ready for the hunt, once you get to their missions and all, of course.
If you end up getting the 3DS and MH3U for Christmas, I do wish you the best on your hunts! If not, I do hope you continue to enjoy Tri ^-^

Hello to one and all!

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