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 Just wanted to say hello to my fellow hunters and introduce myself

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Just wanted to say hello to my fellow hunters and introduce myself Empty
PostJust wanted to say hello to my fellow hunters and introduce myself


I am relatively new to the MH universe. My fiancee bought my MH3U for my birthday and I just obtained the ability to do high rank quests just moments ago.

I only have it on the 3DS at the moment but if and when I get a Wii U I will probably get it on there as well.

So yeah...hello, everybody. I am hoping to be relatively involved and make many fellow hunter friends.

 Yes by vort   :D
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Just wanted to say hello to my fellow hunters and introduce myself :: Comments


Since you're new to MH, I recommend lurking around the 3U section for some tips and tricks.

Also, please read the forum rules. It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes people don't do that for some odd reason.
Hello Kaimdel, and welcome to the forum cat

Congrats on unlocking high rank, and, as MetaMarx said, feel free to look around the MH3U section for advice or simply to see if there's anything there you can add to! If you want to share your hunting adventures with us, you can check out the Hunting Journal and talk about your latest hunts and see what others have been up to on MH3U Yes by vort 
Once you get a WiiU, I'm sure there are plenty of fellow hunters here who would be glad to join you Yes by vort

Also, there's a section for things not MH related, and even a thread that's basically exactly what its title implies, the Speak Your Mind Thread. Of course, just make sure to keep things appropriate and follow the forum rules when posting anywhere here ^^"

I hope you enjoy your time here in the forums, and I wish you the best on your hunts cat
Welcome. It's always great to have new members join!
Welcome fellow new member!
I am Kexan XV, also a new member who joined just a few days ago.
It may not be my place to greet new people, since I'm also new, but I will anyway! :D
I hope you enjoy the forums as much as I have been!
^ it's everyones place to Meet and Greet.. after all once you join you are family in my book!
^Agreed Yes by vort 
Part of the reason I'm always so eager to see new faces here and posting... Means the family's gotten a new member to poke around the threads and talk to cat
Yup.. a new person to hunt.

... with.
@dcj91x wrote:
Yup.. a new person to hunt.

... with.

Be careful. dcj91x is like this a fair amount of the time.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! There's not really a whole lot to say other than what's already been said. If you ever have any questions about MH3U, the MH3U section has a Q and A section. Or if it's a big enough question, you can create a topic for it.

Also, you can feel free to PM me if you have any questions you'd rather get one person's opinion on, or think that the question is a duh question and don't want everyone to think, "You didn't know that? Haha!" Although nobody actually does that.

This is a nice community (For the most part) so try to keep your cursing to a minimum (Although most people don't) assuming you do swear. As doing that makes for a friendlier setting.

Just wanted to say hello to my fellow hunters and introduce myself

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