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With a company like Wayforward, you know it's gonna be good. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is just that: good! I haven't gotten too far into the game, so this is more or a first look type of view.

Anyway, if you have played the first two games, you'll love this one. Huh? "What's Shantae?" you ask? Shantae is a metroidvania-type game where you play as a cute half-genie. You are given a large world to explore and can get past roadblocks by upgrading yourself via learning dances to transform into animals. Haven't played a Shantae game? Well what the hell is wrong with you!? They're great!

Now onto the game itself. You can expect everything from a usual Wayforward game in this game: good music, art, sprite work, etc. the gameplay isn't largely changed from the previous games. Shantae still controls well, and you don't have to hold a run button this time.


If you have played the second game, you probably remember that Shantae loses her genie powers and becomes a whole human. "But Marx, her whole gimmick is that she is a genie and tranforms into animals. Is all of that gone!?" Yes. Yes it's gone. It isn't a bad thing though. Now the animals are replaced by Risky Boots' lost weaponry that you will find in dungeons. You'll get a pistol that allows you to hit far away switches, a hat that lets you glide, etc. this isn't a bad thing because they don't trivialize platforming like the animals did. This game, you actually have to platform.


Overall I'm really enjoying this game so far. All three Shantae games are on the eshop for 3ds, and I highly recommend them.

Maybe I will eventually post the trailer if I'm not lazy.
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