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Nintendo is finally going full steam ahead with the talk and promotion of "XenoBlade X", (seems they may be dropping the Chronicles) starting a twitter page, a full website, and even showing off new game videos and screens.

Xenoblade X Top_eyecatch-670x366

The Japan site is fully up:

with the North american site on it's way:

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-8

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-9

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-7

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-6

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-5

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-1

Xenoblade X Monolith-X-8

Xenoblade X Monolith-X-4

Xenoblade X Monolith-X-5

Monolith Soft talked directly to the fans following the latest Nintendo Direct to reveal that Xenoblade Chronicles X development is winding down. Monolith Soft made this revelation on the game’s new website. Xenoblade X is scheduled for a 2015 release.
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Xenoblade X :: Comments

Re: Xenoblade X
Post on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:13 pm by MHWF
Update: So it's been a while since much was said about Xenoblade X but recently more infomation about the games development was released.

Tetsuya Takahashi, the games director, spoke about the many artist working on the game and stated that they are designing many different alien races for the game. He said each race will be different and have it's own distenctive traits.

Also mentioned was the addition of a new script writer, Kazuho Hyodo, who is famous for his science fiction, came on board to work beside the original game script writer Yuichiro Takeda. Most would know Kazuho Hyodo better by his wirting for many of the Gundam films.

Additionally, Tetsuya Takahashi, stated that the game is nearly complete. It is still on track for release world with this coming year with a likely summer release.

UPDATE: Today it was revealed one of the designers for the mechs in Xenoblade X was the main artist for Metal Gear Rising
Re: Xenoblade X
Post on Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:46 am by MHWF
New screenshots added:

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-05-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-04-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-06-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-09-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-02-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-Chronicles-X-0208-03-1280x720

Xenoblade X Xenoblade-boxart-japanese
Re: Xenoblade X
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Xenoblade X

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