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 Captivating Game moments

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PostCaptivating Game moments

Ever had a moment in a game that moved you maybe you even cherish it if you don't mind sharing why not post it here?
Mine would be when i was playing The legend of zelda oracle of ages when i was 8-9 and got to nayru as soon as i hear her song of her's i was enchanted even now i can help but remember that time when i listen to that song.
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Captivating Game moments :: Comments

Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:12 pm by MHWF
One of my most remembered Video game moments would have to be the Xenogears game and ID throwing a ship that tried crushing him.

Captivating Game moments Scale

The videogame moment that made the most Impact on me though.. Is actually a recent one. The ending of "Crimsom Shroud", As far as things you didn't see coming goes, this game had it. What was really interesting though is that the games whole story is a flashback.

Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:48 pm by MetaMarx
This took me a while to think, and when I think of games that moved or captivated me, it's The Legend of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Majora's Mask always scared me as a kid, and the dark undertones always made me think. Romani Ranch was always my favorite place in Majora's Mask. Cremia and Romani were also my favorite characters. On the last day, however, one of the most depressing conversations in the game happens. Romani (a little girl) talks about how a celebration will take place in the house recognizing her adulthood. She get's to drink a special drink (assuming it's alcohol) in recognition of her adulthood. She ends her dialogue with "See you tomorrow!" If you talk to Cremia (the owner of the ranch and elder sister) she talks about the celebration and how she would let Romani sleep with her that night. She knows what's happening that night and ends her dialogue with "See you tomorrow..." Now as a kid, I knew what alcohol does to people's senses and what not, and I could see how depressed Cremia looked. I knew how messed up it was, and couldn't help but feel extremely sorry for them.

When I was older, I played MGS3, and hot damn it it fantastic. The End fight really captivated me. The way the fight unfolded had me in awe, and it was amazing.

Now when I think of something in a game that moves me the most, it would have to be the fight with The Boss in MGS3. The fact that you have to fight the person you look up to the most no matter how hard you don't want to was enough, but the setting of the fight was beautiful. The cutscene afterwards was also incredible. I can't do it much justice by explaining it, so I urge anyone who hasn't played MGS3 to go play it. I did a second playthrough directly after I finished my first, and the ending was still incredible.
Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:41 am by Guest
Well, I have every song and sound effect from the first two generations of pokemon so memorized that I could tell you every instance that sound effect is used...

I think that goes to show how much I appreciated those games. Even though I haven't played them for like 15 years, I still can tell you those things.
Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:29 pm by GrashXL002
I am very fond of this moment from when I was playing mike tyson's punch out on the NES. It really uplifted me as I was going through depression because my dog just died from a self-inflicted heroine overdose

Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:41 am by MetaMarx
Cherishing moment happened right now. Beat Champion's Road. It may have taken a week, my hands may be shaking, and I may have yelled, "YEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!" as I reached the end, but Luigi has done me good.

I am tired. Time for sleep and no more nightmares of speed panels and circular lasers.
Re: Captivating Game moments
Post on Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:33 pm by InstaCakes
Any "that really shouldn't have worked" moment when I'm playing - usually doing something stupid and winning in spite of or even because of doing it.

For instance, in PAYDAY 2, while using a Dodge build (which has a chance of ignoring any shots that hit you, on average 40% or 65% when sprinting), running across an area full of cops and gunfire to get to the objective, escape area, or a teammate that needed reviving, and not taking a single hit. Bonus points if I did it with my armor drained and/or was almost downed myself.

As for storyline-wise, probably one of the most awesome moments for me recently was pretty much most of Killer is Dead.
Re: Captivating Game moments
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Captivating Game moments

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