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PostHello Everyone!


I want to introduce myself. My name is Nathan and I am (somewhat) a beginner to MH4U. My friends at college have more experience have been helping me through the process. I'm really enjoying Monster Hunter!

Currently, I am using a Danger Call+ hunting horn with a complete Bone S armor set. My end goal is to obtain a Para Hazard Call. Hunting horns, I feel, are pretty a pretty good fit for me. I want to branch out though and try out a long sword. My friend advised me to keep the hunting horn and bone armor combo for a capture set. I would use the long sword set for hunting.

My friends were very helpful in giving me advice on my hunting horn. They were so helpful though that they pretty did all the work for me in finding the best fit and now I have no idea on how to choose the right long sword from the long sword tree.

Right now, La D├ęcalogue looks really appealing to me (I am a French major by the way :p). Is this a good sword for hunting? Also, I have no idea which armor set would complement this sword.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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Re: Hello Everyone!
Post on Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:01 pm by Firpi
Hello Nathan.... ndep. Welcome to our community.

There are many good Long sword users here, I believe there is a thread about it in the MH4U area right now.

Feel free to ask many questions, nothing is noob in this game.
Re: Hello Everyone!
Post on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:57 pm by E&Troy
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Just like Firpi said, there is a topic in the "MH4U" section of this forum where someone asked for advice on the Longsword.

Here is a link to that topic:

As for weapons and armor you should go with.

For weapons, I'd most likely go with pretty much anything in low rank, as you'll be upgrading them throughout low rank and into high rank, so there aren't as many "better" ones.

Once you get to high rank though, the Crab Cutter LS (Longsword) is a decent one. It has good raw, adds a fair amount of defense (Which is handy.), and has nice sharpness, especially with the armor skill Sharpness +1 (Which that skill can be obtained in low rank, but a little later on in low rank.).
The Guardian Sword is also a decent LS with it's bit of white sharpness when you have the armor skill Sharpness +1. Although this one doesn't have the defense bonus, and has slightly less raw damage than the Crab Cutter.
Another LS that I would likely use is the Dios Katana. It can be obtained at the end of low rank, and has stats like an early high rank weapon.

That's just a bit of info on which Longswords I'd personally consider using.

As for armor for Longswords (Or skills, rather.), Sharpness +1 is a great skill for pretty much any Blademaster weapon for the most part.
Focus is also a great skill for LS, but it isn't an easy skill to obtain. The Evasion skill can be good, especially if you already evade allot.

The skills I mentioned are all good skills, but may not be very good since you just recently started playing MH4U. So you may end up going with more defensive skills instead, which is also fine.

However, if you want a low rank armor set with the skill Sharpness +1, here it is:

Helm: Ceanataur, Has one slot
Chest: Gore Magala
Arms: Ceanataur, Has one slot
Waist: Gore Magala, Has one slot
Greaves: Alloy (Or any greaves that have the skill "Torso Up")

Talisman: Anything you want.

That set gives you the skill Sharpness +1, has 3 slots on the armor (As mentioned to the right of the armor pieces that have the slots.), and lets you use any talisman you want. So you can gem in ("Gem in" or "gemming in" is a term people use when they refer to using decorations or "jewels" to acquire an extra armor skill on their armor.) another skill or two.

Re: Hello Everyone!
Post on Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:22 am by Crystalis
Hello there! I'm a dedicated longsword main (who has been toying with bow on the side), and I made the lengthy guide post in the other linked topic, which taking a look at would be pretty helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^w^

But first, enjoy the hunting horn! It's a weapon I haven't gotten into mostly because I'm not a fan of the slower weapons, but if it's your primary weapon, then by all means master it as much as you can. Besides, people in online enjoy having a HH user in the party, free buffs. -o-

Le Decalogue is the Shagaru Magala longsword, a weapon with middling raw damage but good dragon element and superb affinity. The Kushala X armor naturally complements it with Evasion, Crit Element, and Focus (and Heat Cancel too I guess lol), with tons of slots for more versatility.

As for progression, thankfully, La Decalogue's build path, from Stahlfakt, is fairly straightforward and quite usable throughout the ranks as a Dragon weapon, which is actually what I myself did as well. Other good weapons to consider are the Wyvern Blades for Fire and the Usurper's Boltslicer weapon path for Thunder, but while they're good weapons, their upgrades can be annoying to get because they require the rare monster gems a lot. If you get lucky with the drops, go ahead. Unfortunately, the Ice weapon selections are really limited, but the Ice Blade path is serviceable enough until you can access Ancientshards and hopefully get a Worn weapon to upgrade to the Kushala Daora weapons. Water's also tricky because the lovely Hyddra path isn't available until close to endgame, while the other good one, the Arbiter path, has a finnicky upgrade schedule thanks to the availability of Dah'ren Mohran missions.
Re: Hello Everyone!
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Hello Everyone!

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