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 Anyone out there Remember me?

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PostAnyone out there Remember me?

So technically this is kind of against the unwritten "intro thread" code, that being said the code is in the title so what am I saying, but this is more of a "Guess who's back, back again?" sort of post.
For those brand new people who joined in my absence, I'm an old member from way back before the Tri servers shut down. This was back when Rathalos' armor was still worth making, everybody actually missed Khezu over Gigginox (I regret my wishes, bring the poison one back) and Barioth was still the devil incarnate. and if anybody wants to make the Geezer jokes, go ahead. I've already accepted the jaded personality and I wield Puns like I've got Sharpness +1, so have at you!
So, anyone from who knows when still around? If you can see me, I'll be awaiting your responses.
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Re: Anyone out there Remember me?
Post on Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:24 pm by Sephastus
Sup Highwind.

Its the holidays, so do not expect many responses until people are back and settled in their houses.

We never chatted much, but I remember a few of your posts. The community is still alive, and we are all waiting on MHX without seeing spoilers (very difficult). And another portion of the community is playing on the Taiwan servers.

Us vet hunters never get old... we get seasoned. :-D

Anyone out there Remember me?

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