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 Final Fantasy Explorers

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PostFinal Fantasy Explorers

So I have recently purchased Final Fantasy Explorers, because it looked very interesting on paper. I get most Final Fantasy Games anyways, since I enjoy their stories and the way that the gameplay is done on most of them, so my idea is a little bit skewed in its favor, but hear me out:

The game features action gameplay, just like in Monster Hunter. You decide what Job (Class) you want to be after a brief tutorial, and each job can only equip certain weapons.

The combos are very simple, but the skills can get very involved with the mutations. Once you learn how to mutate a skill, you can add 8 skills, and 2 levels of each skill, for a total upgrade of 16 levels to each skill, each level progressively taking more AP to cast.

There are many different classes to chose from, and there is alot of interplay among them. You also have a "pet" system, that allows you to bring either a friends avatar with you, or some monsters that you have "captured" along the way.

You can harvest the land when you find harvest points, just like in MH, and you use those harvests along with monster drops to make your weapons/armors/accessories.

The world is like a giant expedition. When you get the quest, you can either start right from the begining (the exit to the town), and just go to the place where the quest objective is, or you can take the airship, which can drop you very close, or right at the exact place where the objectives are.

One thing of note: the monsters do not have a fancy AI, and they do not freely go about zones. Pretty much, where you find them, you fight them. The terrain can factor in alot into what you do, especially if you get the Geomancer class, which depending on what terrain you are standing on, you can get many different abilities. Or if you are blue mage, you can imitate many skills done by the monsters you are hunting... ect. ect.

You can play locally, or online with other players, without much noticeable change in the monster difficulties. Which means that a hunt that was already easy becomes that much more easier.

The monsters that can eventually become summons have some unique set of moves. Some which outright kill you if you don't know how to avoid it. When you are knocked out, you have the option to use a phoenix pinion, or expend time to revive. The quest would tell you how much time each revive takes. The quests themselves have different time allocated to them for this reason. So you could be on a quest that is 5 minutes long, and each KO would cost you 5 minutes... which means instant fail, unless you have a phoenix pinion (Which cost an arm and a leg early on).

The game is much simpler than MH, and refreshingly more easy. I am a completionist at heart, and this game will take me a long time even after the end credits to complete. Not to mention there are going to be some insanely powerful min/maxing combos possible.

There are many more aspects to the game, and there are many guest summons possible... everyone from Cloud, Sephiroth, Rikku, Ligntning ect.. So far (10 hours in, and all quests completed up to 4 stars), I am enjoying the game, and look forward to playing it. So I decided to just drop this review here in case anyone has a couple bucks to spend, and some time for fun.
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Final Fantasy Explorers :: Comments

Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:04 pm by MHWF
Surprised that they brought out FFTA the same week as explorer's. Very different games but choosing between FF games and a fan of Tactics I'd go for Tactics advanced before explorer's. That is if TA wasn't on a home console instead of a handheld.

That being said, I've heard FFE is really good but get's repetitive after a short bit. Have you felt that way yet?

And have you played Bravely Default (basically a FF game). How does explorers compare to that. Bravely second should be coming out soon and I was debating on one of the two. What is your suggestion?
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:05 pm by Ataraxia
I also have Explorers, juggling a few games though, not much time on my hands, but hit me up if you wanna bash through it sometime. Not very far in at all but its pretty fun. Definitely a multiplayer game.
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:23 pm by Sephastus
Whoever told you it gets repetitive fast, probably hasn't had to grind through Monster Hunter to get something done. The game is just as varied as Monster Hunter.... which means you are going to be grinding to get stuff done. However, the drop rates are completely different. The worst drop rates in MH could have you hunting the same monster and quests for hours, and maybe days. In FFE, most I have needed to do is 3 hunts to get a "rare" drop. Again, I am only up to the 4 star stuff, which means that I am not sure how repetitive or how the drop rates are in the "end" game.

Bravely default is, for all intents and purposes, a turn based game, while this is full action, just like Monster Hunter. So I feel that comparing the gameplay is like apples and oranges. The story in FFE is definately a second thought and not the main thing (as opposed to all the other FF series). With that said, I find it fun, since what they are selling you is the gameplay.
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:47 pm by Win32error
@MHWF wrote:
Surprised that they brought out FFTA the same week as explorer's. Very different games but choosing between FF games and a fan of Tactics I'd go for Tactics advanced before explorer's. That is if TA wasn't on a home console instead of a handheld.

And here i almost got excited for a new tactics release. Shame it's just a wiiu re-release, but it's still a great game. One of the few things i play whenever i dig my GBA up from under a pile of dust.

As for looks fun, but more like the way FFXII did combat than monster hunter. Sure you can move in the 3d environment, but it doesn't seem like most attacks are dodgeable or the point from which you attack matters.

Square enix needs to stop making too many different projects though, how many FF subfranchises are they trying to sell simultaneously now?
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:18 pm by Sephastus
@Win32error wrote:
... Sure you can move in the 3d environment, but it doesn't seem like most attacks are dodgeable or the point from which you attack matters.

You are correct in that you do not have a "dodge" button like you do in MH. Instead, you have to do positional dodging... meaning you have to be at certain places at certain times to not get insta-gibbed by the main monsters. Alexander, for example
, and I could mention all the others, but they all have something to avoid by knowing where to be.

I would consider this to be MH lite... emphasis on lite. I am now on the 5 star quests and the class mastery runs, and the game is still very easy. It is all about learning the bosses moves and watching out for the big ones. All the other moves hurt a little bit, but only the big ones will insta kill you, which is what you have to watch out for.

O... and I love causing cataclysms! :-P
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:21 pm by MHWF
Grinding... blah. Between MH and Xenoblade X just about 90% of my gameplay time is spent looking for just one item that take 3 months of nonstop play to get.

Did look at Explorers a bit more though and am tempted to get it once I am finally trough MH4U or XCX. That may take a while still though.
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:59 pm by Sephastus
Heh, I did Xenoblade as well... that game feels huge.. and I love those "secret" world bosses... when that one in the water cove stood up and launched a bazzilion missles at me, I was hooked. lol. But for some reason, I can't pick it up again. I know there is so much to do, that I just feel overwhelmed!

Not so on FFE. I have a firm grasp of what is expected of me, and how to get it. So I just have to decide what I want, and then go for it. Since the only things that determine the drops are the star level combined with hunting the right monsters, I can very easily farm for whatever I put my mind to.

I have logged 29 hours into the game, and without grinding ala MH, I have 3 classes mastered and I had fun every step of the way.

O yeah, already saw credits and I am just doing stuff for fun and profit now. ... Using CP points to overpower skills is fun! And the Blue Mage is surprisingly easy to Learn Monster Moves... just wait till they do it once while you are close, and then kill the monster. :-D
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:39 pm by Sephastus
Just updating my "review":

Endgame is rather stupid. Hard to get things done on your own, and even harder with a group that constantly die due to being carried all the way to end game by being part of a group...

This game is definitely a one I would recommend you master SOLO before joining online groups or endgame will just be a constant death-revive cycle. If you are a veteran Monster Hunter, you will quickly learn to figure out where not to be, or what to do to avoid instant deaths, and unfortunately, FFE at end-game is a constant "watch out for the deathmove" grindfest. I have a tough time soloing, due to the large amount of time needed, and I seem to be one of the unluckiest guys trying to get a group for end game stuff.

A little trick that makes the hunts pretty much trivial: Get a long range weapon (Bow or Gun work well), equip all the multy-hit abilities you can, along with the "Cloud" summon. Keep shuffling your special focus abilities until you either get Cloud to summon, or 1,000 needles comes up, or both. 1,000 needles will make every single hit do 1,000 damage, or a 10,000 critical. Each hit in a multy hit does 1,000 damage, and the ranger class has a very high crit chance with 3 moves that each can do 8 hits a piece, along with Cloud's finisher able to do 16 consecutive hits, with the last hit a guaranteed critical (or at least a very high percentage).

You pretty much will disintegrate the bosses and "break" the game, but the only draw back is the 1,000 needles does not come up that often... when it does, however, it is almost a guaranteed win for that run. Best way to beat Omega Weapon too.
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
Post on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:57 pm by Shiinobu
ooh. hard endgame now that would make the game worth playing. thanks for letting me know that :p
Re: Final Fantasy Explorers
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Final Fantasy Explorers

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