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Basically you can add topics and information you want to talk about related to Monster Hunter but not necessarily game specific.
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Re: New general talk section
Post on Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:06 am by Lalo
Can anyone confirm if the servers are going to be the same? I really want to play with some friends that own a PS4 but I have an Xbox ;~;
Re: New general talk section
Post on Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:27 am by Sephastus
Things we know about Monster Hunter World:

1. There is grappling
2. There are"guides" in the form of lightning bugs.
3. There will be underwater battles/areas
4. It will release for the PS4
5. Riding monsters remains
6. Certain Skills remain

Things that are not clear/have not been revealed

1. We saw NO indication of multiplayer gameplay (Doesn't mean there isn't any... just that they didn't show a single frame of it in 3+ minutes. Very odd)
2. No indication of what is the flagship monster(s)
3. We don't know all the weapon availabilities

While I am happy that the PS4 is getting a Monster Hunter game once more, I still want so much more information on this game. Will it just be a single player game where you try to survive? Or is this a MH in the traditional sense.

Well, here's to a year from now.
Re: New general talk section
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New general talk section

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