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 Frontiers WHITE FATALIS GOD!!!!

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PostFrontiers WHITE FATALIS GOD!!!!

Behold true power as along with the already known 6-horned Black Flame, Black Fatalis, the one that destroyed the kingdom of Schrade by itself, and it's equally powerful Crimson counterpart, finally White Fatalis has a new form and it is just over the top insane and powerful. Behold the true god of dragons. If normal White Fatalis in established lore is the most powerful of monsters, this thing must be a living god of dragons. And just wait for the Conquest War version (if it's not out already, haven't found a vid of that since everything is in damn Japanese), especially the level 9999 Version (since Conquest War variants usually get additional moves, and level 9999 version has max values set for everything).
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