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I dont know why but I get really frustrated with people claiming that they have been huge monhun fans now that World has been a success. I try to disassociate with gamer and fandom identities but damn does this annoy me. Suddenly everyone is a MH veteran and people I've known for years and have never mentioned playing mh before are now long-time fans. I don't get it. I dont really care to claim to be a "veteran", I've been playing on and off for some some years now but I fuck up my hunts from time to time.
Even in 4U people were more respectful towards other players, I dont remember this elitist approach being dominant in the community. Becoming competitive would be the last thing I would want from this franchise.
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Re: The current community
Post on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:21 pm by WyvernGS
I haven't gotten into World yet :< so I can't really speak to any influx of players that noticeably differ from the typical population.  But I think throughout the life of the franchise there's been plenty of representation for good and bad behavior from players.  Even if the Western audience for MH has always been relatively small there's usually more than enough other people online to go around, so in my experience you could end up having any kind of hunt at any time.  You might end up in a lobby of friendly noobs just trying to cooperate and win, you could accidentally third wheel with a couple players who don't really want you there, or you may end up in a room with a hacked player spamming Jho in the face with a billion explosions from his bowgun while he berates you for missing one block with your lance.  There are always people just dicking around and there are always people looking down on you because of your build or performance or w/e.

If there are more players out there acting like hot stuff or spreading salt and bm I guess it wouldn't surprise me seeing as this release does seem to be trying to reach a wider audience.  As for people bandwagoning and stuff I'm sure it at least has two sides; if a favorite franchise receives more success or attention I think in general that's a good thing, even if it means a grumpy loner like me may have to brush shoulders with more 'normies.' Scared by vort

Really as long as no one's trying to launch me into the air while I harvest it doesn't bug me so much I can see you!

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