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Though you do not have to have an MH picture for your Avatar it is encouraged and to help with that here are some links around the Wikia that provide some great pictures...

From the Card game:

Monster Hunter Anime:

Featured Images:

A Sample of some of the images you will find and how they could look as your avatar!

Suggested Avatars 650px-10

Suggested Avatars 250px-10

Suggested Avatars 139px-10

Images are larger than what your AVATAR will be... Just FYI...

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Re: Suggested Avatars
Post on Fri May 20, 2011 11:09 am by Excarius
From what I have seen alot of the art from the card game is really good for avatars as well. Too bad most have the wikis watermark Sad by vort

Suggested Avatars

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