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 Terraria help?!

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Phazon Xenomorph
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Terraria help?! Empty
PostTerraria help?!

So yeah I ended up getting Terraria via a gift from a friend and it's fun. However I made a Large world for my Single player file so I'd have plenty to do. Anyways while exploring I found a corrupted area of the game world and went to digging, however no matter WHAT i do down there eventually I crash if I'm in that part of the game, often with an out of memory error or something which I can't honestly fathom how that's happening.

It's ALWAYS in the corrupted area of the anyone else having this issue? What is going on that's causing this?
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Terraria help?! :: Comments

Re: Terraria help?!
Post on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:25 pm by quidam
large worlds are too big, they always have issues, better to use a medium one
Phazon Xenomorph
Re: Terraria help?!
Post on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:14 pm by Phazon Xenomorph
@quidam wrote:
large worlds are too big, they always have issues, better to use a medium one

So then it's not my comp or anything then? It's just the stability of the world itself by being set to Large? I should just make a new Medium world and transfer all my stuff there?

Cause I keep getting memory leaks or overloads when I enter the Corrupted area.
Re: Terraria help?!
Post on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:18 am by Ataraxia
small or medium worlds are probably the best anyway; I started with a large world but couldn't find anything except stone, dirt and a corruption area. Getting ores and such was a real pain on it.
Re: Terraria help?!
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Terraria help?!

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