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Please help explain something to me. Over all Japan acounts for a rather munute part of the worlds gaming population, however, when it comes to a games popularity most companies seem to think only the sales numbers from Japan matters. For example. MHtri sold rather poorly in Japan, yet it sold amazingly throughout the rest of the world. When they talk about sells for it though they only talk about the sells it had in Japan and call it a failure. Capcom also thinks that because sales in Japan for tri were lacking that no one else wants any more Wii/nintendo MH games as well.

Many companies do this though. A lot of the time if a game sales poorly in Japan it will never get a release outside of Japan even if there is a big demand for it.

I know a lot of companies claim that the cost to market/sale/translate a game to other countries is too high and not worth the effort. If so than why do we not see other game companies popping up in other countries to cover make games for only that country?

Any ways my question is: Can anyone explain to me why only Japan counts when it comes to the popularity of a game and no one elses opinion seems to mater?

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Post on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:35 pm by Ares
Answer: Japan (like other countries) thinks it's the best country ever, thus making other countries unimportant to them.

I doont know however why they're not making all mh games national. theyd get a ****ton of money if they did.

I've explained all i can.
Post on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:05 pm by Guest
Because of language barriers.

about 5% of the anime that airs in japan makes it to an english version. It isn't always because cost vs profit, its because the anime is overly based on things japanese people would relate to, for example, an anime that involves a lot of japanese customs or plays on japanese words would not be translated to english because people outside of japan would find it hard to relate to.

of course, this isn't the case with monster hunter, but for games like muramasa and heavily tradition-related things, developers see it as just not faring well due to its nature as a game people of Japan would be only able to completely relate to.

As well, a company may not exactly have a localization team or a dedicated set of workers to create versions in other languages.

Most of this doesn't apply to capcom though, they don't have many excuses for what they are doing currently.
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