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 King of Kings 3- PvP Based MMO

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PostKing of Kings 3- PvP Based MMO

Well, I have been MMO hunting for a couple weeks since I level capped shaiya. I kinda want a FvF(Fraction vs Fraction), Massive PvP based MMO, or a Open PvP "survival" MMO. Well MMOhut was my sanctuary for finding these, but none sounded good(most either had a huge client(which I don't want), or a small playerbase that was mostly asian because of global servers)! I then found what looked like a holy grail of FvF/M PvP MMOs:
King of Kings 3.

As the name suggests, there is a Fraction system. It is RvR and FvF based, with territory wars. Your fraction grows to a player cap of 24(iirc), where it can then "level up" to own a camp and get more members. It keeps doing this till you own a kingdom that has hundreds of fractions which you control, that is when it realy kicks up... building huge cities then fight over other kingdom's cities.

It has a limited amount of PvE to help you grind your way to lvl20 when you can PvP and join a fraction. It has 27(iirc) classes, all sub-classes of the origanal 3(same old, same old). Has a high level cap atm, but once you get to about lvl150 you stop learning skills because of a lazy developer not adding skills fast enough(atleast thats what I heard). Btw, epic mounts(many dragons(including poison), horses, special class mounts(one is a huge sword), royalty(when you become a king you get one), and dozens of PtR/PtU mounts) are available in higher levels!

All in all, sound epic. iirc it came out of closed beta last may, but is still being built on alot.

So, does anyone play it? Or have any opinons? Or even another game that is similar?
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King of Kings 3- PvP Based MMO

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