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If you've been paying attention to the forums lately, you'll notice I made a 'Most Hated' for MHTri and MHFU, and after a bit of planning what I'd put, decided to make one for general videogames.

Uncalled for About-Faces

This happens mainly to large franchises when they get bored. Two examples are the...well known Metroid Other M and Trauma Team, the latter being Atlus' amazing decision to remove all the familiar characters and the most unique part of Truama Center, the Guilt/Stigma and replace everything with cardboard cutouts of anime whoaretheys.

Ridiculously niche anime videogames

Now, developers, if you're going to make a game based on Naruto, Bleach or any other well known anime, then do so, I won't buy it but lots of other people will. You'll make a lot of money. But if you're going to make a game from the almost unknown Boggle-Eyed Abominations with Magical Toenails (complete with balloon-titted weirdo as a desperate attempt to boost sales) don't expect it to be the next Arkham Asylum.

Half-arsed minigame collections

Now we know ten thousand wannabe developers have made these to cash in on the success of Wii Sports and Wii Play, but put in some effort. Really. I'm not just talking about Movie Studios Party, Game Party and Food Poisoning Party, but also absolute bollocks-ups like Namco Museum Remix.

Half-arsed Sonic revivals

Heres a good idea to stay on friendly terms with the over-persistent fans (the ones who bought Sonic 2006 and pretended it didn't have faults) - with every new Sonic game made, announce he's going 'back to his roots' and add some stupid gimmick anyway. Brilliant.

Call of Duty 21 Total War Edition: Mission to Wipe Dog Shit on Hitler's Tie


The continued existence of the biggest past-its-sell-by-date franchise of all time

Now this is the one that will get many people posting their dissatisfaction, addressing minor inconsistencies or just SHOUTING VERY LOUD. Well its my opinion so nothing you can do about it. Anyway, Pokemon. Its...running out of ideas. Firstly, theres been like twenty Mystery Dungeon games and forty Pokemon Ranger games (started out alright, eventually you found out the aim of the game was to catch as many pokemon as you could before your arm wore out) and the strange one-or-two offs like Zoo Keeper...wait Pokemon Link and the Pokemon Rumble games, and while graphics are graphics, when all the pokemon look like a 4 year old's drawing of them, somethings not right. (when they can only remember the vague shape, colour and where the eyes go) As for the main thing itself...Black/White just feels a bit old. And catch em all? 600+ pokemon? A cute idea with 151 of them, but this

Games that rely on tiny challenges and collectibles to make up for the short and easy main game

This mainly comes from Wario Land: Shake Dimension, but I'm sure other games are just the same. But still that game was a disappointment. Main game was tiny and 85% of the completion rate was composed of doing tiny challenges and finding objects. The actual stages and bosses were very creative - couldn't they have added some more stages instead of 'find this' or 'collect all of that'?
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