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 Funny Little Mii's

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Shagaru Magala

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PostFunny Little Mii's

I played around with Mii Makers and made some really cute/kewl Anime Mii's that was inspired by the many JP Players I've seen xD

I"ll post pics of them soon.

Post your own fun Mii or any Mii in general :D
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Funny Little Mii's :: Comments

Re: Funny Little Mii's
Post on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:25 am by Chips
RATE THEM xD (I kinda stole some ideas from people though >.> but still >.>)


^His name is Sword, idea was from random jp person's mii, i replicated it :D


^One of my totally original, has my namesake Dino


^My personal favorite, and one of my originals, his name is Devillish


^One of my originals.. kinda, I got the idea from the Japanese show 'Sgt. Keroro' and based him off of the character Dororo.


^ I changed my personal Mii into these little characters as well. I tried to give him golden laurels or something but meh... looks ayt... he looks like.... a cat....

SO YEA there's that. I made a girl one too but it kinda sucks....

They look like they belong into some crew... or like... those kids from digimon xD

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Re: Funny Little Mii's
Post on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:59 am by dcj91x
I have your first mii in my plaza.
Re: Funny Little Mii's
Post on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:40 pm by Chips
@dcj91x wrote:
I have your first mii in my plaza.

Yea he's in my plaza too, was the guy's name Chestix? or something? I tried to replicate it and there you go xD
Re: Funny Little Mii's
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Funny Little Mii's

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