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 The Official Diablo 3 Thread

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The Official Diablo 3 Thread - Page 11 Empty
PostThe Official Diablo 3 Thread

Figured I'd make an official thread for this game since certainly some of our members will be playing this game, so post all Diablo 3 related content and info in here, you can talk about anything Diablo 3 related.

On a personal note, originally I wasn't going to even consider the game because I abhor it's Teen rating and Activision behind it, however their new Inferno mode difficulty has me intrigued on whether Blizzard is finally once again producing hard and grueling content that pushes the best of us to our limits or if it's just gonna be a horrendous joke like their "hardmodes" in World of Warcraft raids which end up being a total joke.

As many of you know I am particularly fond of extremely hard games that weed out the weak, and I'm actually hoping Diablo 3's Inferno difficulty will be just that, which would make me want to purchase the game.
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The Official Diablo 3 Thread :: Comments

Re: The Official Diablo 3 Thread
Post on Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:29 pm by Yamatsu
@Chips wrote:
So you're moving to EU servers?
Well I'll still play on US, just want to make a barb + WD on EU, seeing as those are the only classes I haven't played. Just that the times I do play nowadays my connection isn't so great. US plays fine during off-peak times though.

Also 2 legendaries since Saturday, fucĀ­k yeah 8)

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Re: The Official Diablo 3 Thread
Post on Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:00 pm by Jojozityjo
good reason why we havent seen you around lol
i got some play time in yesterday, was getting through inferno act3 on my wiz, finally x.x
my wizard just could not handle inferno act 3 until after that update, makes me happy cause i like my wizard and now i can use her for what i wanted lol

im hoping i can make time for d3 again today, but dunno since i woke up so late >.<
i will try though
Re: The Official Diablo 3 Thread
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The Official Diablo 3 Thread

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