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 pokemon original character

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Postpokemon original character

Ok so chips ask me to make this topic and i like the idea of it so hear goes.
Make your own original pokemon character so heres the rules.
1:Say what he/she looks like and age.
2:Give them pokemons and please be real (a full team would be nice).
3:Give them a full story how they started there adventure & how they met all there pokemon and please be original nothing like shadow saw it in my garden hurt so shadow helped it and they became best friends or stuff like that.
4:No made up places in storys however you can have anywhere from games,manga and anime and also have them together too.
Oh and i forgot to note that feel free to use real charaters like with your story like if they are a fan of cythina of something like that.
Anyway have fun and enjoy and remember too be original (try not to make a full team of ubers ^^; ).

Ps:I'm still writing mine down but it will be up very soon.
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pokemon original character :: Comments

Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon May 21, 2012 9:02 pm by Chips
I'll post mine tomorrow, cuz I forgot where I put that file containing mah old OC.
Oni Zelkami
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon May 21, 2012 9:29 pm by Oni Zelkami

Her name is Guinevere, and she is from the Vermontshu region. She is 10 1/2 years old and has short brown hair, is 3"10, wears punk gear and a sun hat, and is an expert temporary tattoo artist.

Her favorite food is Papaya Salad. Her favorite movie is Seven Samurai. Her favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins. Her favorite game is Grim Grimoire.

Her Pokemon team is as follows.


Backstory: Her writers were incredibly lazy, and gave her amnesia.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon May 21, 2012 10:10 pm by Quentin
James Russell

His team is as follows (Screw the old one, I like this one better)

Physical Description
He is 15, has slightly long sandy blonde hair, is 5"1o and weighs in at 151 pounds. He wears a plain white t-shirt under a plain black hoodie, he wears normal blue jeans and wears skater shoes (think plain black vans). He also wears a backpack that he keeps everything he owns in.

He started his life in Jubilife city, where his parents wouldn't let him start his pokemon journey until he turned 14. He has been adventuring for the past 7 months, he has all 8 Sinnoh bages and has the first 2 Hoenn badges. He has battled Lance down to his last pokemon, only to lose to Lance's Dragonite. He has battled Cynthia and narrowly won, and has beaten the Elite 4 of the Sinnoh region. His other achievements include winning several Sinnoh Pokemon Contests, taking down a Team Rocket Hideout all by himself, and has encountered the legendary pokemon Azelf.

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Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 1:15 am by Guest
Reggie Fils-Aime,

he is probably in his 40s/50s. He has puffy black hair and beady eyes, he enjoys screwing with people and then randomly satisfying them later on.

He has a couple of pokemon, but he isn't super serious about it.

1. Snorlax, known as "BodyisRedy"
Ability: Guts
Body Slam
Bulk Up
Belly Drum
Work Up

2. Xatu, known as "Nolocalization" full name: "No localization because it won't sell enough over here, because i know how much it will sell before it is released" (yes, that long)
Ability: Early Bird
Future Sight
Miracle Eye
Ally Switch
Sucker Punch

3. Persian, known as "Cash Grab"
Ability: Imposter
Pay Day
Nasty Plot
Foul Play

He started his adventure on the exotic Navel Island in the Orange Islands. He is from a tropical climate and he went to the big city far over in Unova to become a rich man. He slowly used his pokemon to become a high up businessman, making some dirty deals and bodyslamming various fraud attempters who betrayed him. Now he has become the president of the biggest game company in unova, and his body is ready for more money.

As a young child he found an egg that snorlax hatched from. It was his first pokemon, and they frequently exercise together. His snorlax is one of the most active and hunky snorlaxes ever to exist, people often compare BodyisRedy to a machoke in muscle build. BodyisRedy is always ready for exercise, and Reggie has a lot of fun with his old friend very frequently.

Originally Reggie went to Unova for sightseeing and a vacation, but on the way there, when he stopped in Johto during a turnover waiting for a flight, he encountered a lonely natu. It was so kawaii and had lost its parents so he caught it and made it his slave. Turns out it can see the future. To reggie's surprise, it also had the ability to speak to him through telekinesis. Once it was healthy, Nolocalization began to explain to Reggie how he has plans to use his future sight to control the stock market, and Reggie could be his human director to achieve this goal. Reggie agreed, and thus they headed to unova with a new goal.

Cashgrab was a recent aquirement of Reggie. As he grew as a businessman with Nolocalization's help, he began to not have enough things to spend his money on. Thus, he grabbed a foreign pure-bred persian, and taught it wicked and foul moves related to his ways of making money without consideration for his consumers. Thus, his third pokemon was obtained.

His only true friend, BodyisRedy, feels sorry for the evil streak in Reggie, and wants him to become pure once again, only concerning himself with fans. BodyisRedy is slowly pushing Reggie back to his former self, and hopes to get Nolocalization and Cashgrab to become nicer as well. So far, so good, but there is still a ways to go for Reggie.

To be continued...

im only joking btw, i dont mind reggie
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 3:39 pm by Red
info: blair is 18 year old boy with white hair to his neck and big blue innocent eyes.
he wears a black cap backward with a red stripe over it(like the one in hg&ss),a red zipper hoodie,black jeans and red and white trainers.
as a child and the start of his teens he was very timid but as he got older he got brave and reckless was almost if not the same with his partner cyndaquil.

(backstory in spoiler)

typhlosion:Blair first pokemon at first he kept crying everytime he saw cyndaquil because he kept getting reminded of his father although one day he saw cyndaquil crying because it though blair hated it so he took the little guy with him to sleep and they both got closer.
typhlosion acts very reckless leading both blair and himself hurt or in hot water

pikachu:blair found when it was a pichu running from a gang of zubat's as it stole some food from them
blair knock them out to save pichu and pichu followed him till later it sliped into a pokeball by mistake.
pikachu is selfish although it cares about blair and everyone in the team it also steals leading blair having to buy the item/food,return it or having to be draged to the police.
pikachu and typhlosion some times plot together.

kingdra:although blair wanted it for the race he soon became friends with her.
kingdra a shy pokemon and will blush at anything nice you say to her its also very calm and motherly to the rest of the team.

umbreon:Blair found his shiny umbreon while he was relaxing and sleeping on a tree as the little fellow fell down and hit him in the head leading blair to catch him while being half asleep.
umbreon is blair smartest pokemon and also a snob so it tends to think its better then everyone ease and clashes with typhlosion & pikachu over this.

heracross:heracross was in goldenrod city going berserk in order to calm him down blair catched it.
he very lazy but will do something if ask by blair although if heracross is sleeping and you wake it up it will liking mega horn you because of his lazyness kingdra and heracross fight alot although kingdra only trying to help him.

ok here you go guys....i think i went over board i have been at this for a good while today... anyway hope you enjoy ^^; (also i might of done some mistakes if i did i'll fix them in a bit)
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 3:40 pm by Guest
still waiting to see if anyone actually reads mine...its fairly lolz
Oni Zelkami
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 5:17 pm by Oni Zelkami
I read it. Remember Vort, this thing is serious business. I find that somewhat tasteless.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 6:30 pm by Win32error
Vortiene wrote:
still waiting to see if anyone actually reads mine...its fairly lolz

It's kinda funny...but it gets old quickly.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 7:27 pm by Ares
Character Name: Kinman

Team : Meganium (He wanted to be different and choose the most doubted pokemon in elms lab.

Heracross: (not copying yuri, this is just the team i used in my last SS playthrough)
Met him scrounging about in th woods in a tree, so his bayleef headbutt it and it fell out, so he mortal kombated it and captured it.

Dragonair: He didnt know he could get dratini at the annoying SS version of the game corner, so he didnt get one untill after the 8th gym...

Lanturn: Epic Fishing time!

Skarmory: Took forever to find, then he just gave up on it and put it in the pc to rust.

Gengar: It happened to be nighttime, he happened to be at sprout tower, he happened to have pokeballs.

Ninetails: 1 just wasnt enough...

(now for teh serious)

His journey began at the late age of 14 years old (yes thats how old i am, coincidence? Hell no) when his parents where killed in a terrible factory explosion due to a kilnklang malfunction. He was faced with 'Leave home and go on an adventure!' or "live a life in a low class orphanage.

The choice was obvious to him. But after staying in the orphanage for 3 months he changed his mind and snuck out to go and get a pokemon from prof. elm (yes, his first name is prof.) and began his journey into the world of pokemon.

See team above

After lots of hardships, and battling every trainer in the game. He still wasnt strong enough to beat lance... so he is still in victory road fighting wild pokemon, or getting athlete points for rare candies...
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Tue May 22, 2012 7:52 pm by Chips
(I made this a looonggg time ago lol)

Trainer Name: Takeshi Satoshi

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Birthday: July 30th

Original Region: Johto

Home: Blackthorn City?

Favorite Type: Dragon

Hair Color/Style: Black and MessyLong (Refer to Yuri Lowell School and/or Red)

Eye Color: Red

Clothing: Black Thin Sweatshirt, Pokeball Cross Belt, Grey Skinny jeans, Black and Red Shoes. Sometimes wears a cap (Refer to Takeuchi Sora)


Takeshi was a resident of Blackthorn City however he was an orphan. He was taken care of by the dragon masters of the city. He grew to have a deep love for pokemon as they were his best friends. At the age of 5, Takeshi befriended a Dratini and frequently played with it during his childhood. Takeshi was the loner, and didn’t feel right studying and training with the other children that frequented the Dragon’s Den (Lance and Clair). He respected them and they were indeed good friends, but Takeshi never truly felt he deserved their friendship. Once the Dratini fell sick and Takeshi stayed by its side until it was healed.

Catching they eye of the Dragon Masters they believed he was destined to do great things because of his love for pokemon. At the age of 9,the dragon masters permitted him his own Dragon-type Pokemon and to become a trainer. He was unofficially tested and was an exception throughout the Den. Since he was without family, his leaving for a new journey was with little good byes. He left Blackthorn City at the age of 10, with the blessings of his teachers, and his friend Dratini.

9 Years after that, Takeshi has become a prominent trainer in his own right. What he does now is simply traveling the world, meeting new people and pokemon. He desires to find Clair and Lance because he considers them his greatest friends, and of course, wishes to battle them.

He is currently wandering regions as a Pseudo-Dragon Master Trainer, using all different types of Pokemon. He will use his Dragon Pokemon team upon requests of Trainers he thinks are up to the challenge.

Current Held Pokemon Team:

Dratini -> Dragonair -> Dragonite (Yireh) Male

His most trusted pokemon, as well as his first. He has known Yireh since the age of 5 and has been with him for 15 years. Yireh is one of his strongest pokemon and most trusted pokemon. Yireh is the head of his Dragon Team.

Ghastly -> Haunter -> Gengar (Yurei) Male

Traveling along, as a child during the night, he found Yurei playing tricks on near passerby. He was soon to be Yurei's next victim however Takeshi caught the Ghastly in the act and scolded him. Yurei seemed to listen and decided to follow Takeshi. In the end Takeshi decided to catch Yurei and is now one of his most prominent members, although still a prankster. Yurei was the first pokemon Takeshi caught. Takeshi caught him 10 years ago.

Mareep -> Flaaffy – Ampharos (Lambda) Male

Needing to pass an extremely dark cave, Takeshi decided to find a pokemon who could help him with his dilemma. Found in wild grass he found Lambda, a wild Mareep, looking for food. He decided to feed Lambda and ask for its help. Lambda, agreeing to help Takeshi, used its electricity to light the dark caverns. Takeshi thanked the little Mareep and said goodbye, however the Mareep continued to follow Takeshi. Takeshi decided to take in Mareep as his friend and the two have become inseperable. Lambda is one of Takeshi’s most loyal pokemon, and has grown to be one of his potent fighters as well. Takeshi caught him 10 years ago.

Gyarados (Kamui) Male *Shiny

Deciding to follow the path of a Dragon Master as a tribute to his adopted family, Takeshi traveled to the Lake of Rage to find a suitable pokemon. He spotted an unusual Red Gyrados, much larger than the regular blue ones. Takeshi decided to challenge it in order for the Gyarados to accept him as its Trainer. After a long battle Kamui finally submitted and acknowledged Takeshi's strength as a trainer. Kamui is one of Takeshi’s strongest pokemon and his means of transportation on water. Takeshi Caught him 10 years ago. Kamui is the second member of his Dragon Team.

Notched-Ear Pichu (Yosei) Female

Upon traveling around, Takeshi found a lonely Pichu who was looking for food and shelter. The Pichu was unique and had three spikes on its ear. After feeding it and warming it the Pichu never left Takeshi. He decided he would adopt the Pichu and become friends. Yosei is the pokemon that Takeshi walks around with. He never uses Yosei for battles, but its his choice Pokemon for Contest Battles. Takeshi Caught her 9 years ago.

Scyther -> Scizor (Susanoo) Male

This pokemon in particular was the leader of a small group of Scythers in a forest. Takeshi met the Scyther and it loved to battle and hone its skills. The Scyther came to the trainer looking for a battle, Takeshi opted to take its test and battled with it. Fascinated by the Pokemon’s will to battle and never giving in, he decided to make it his own. Susanoo is Takeshi’s most used pokemon in battle, and is usually the first to enter the fray. Susanoo is one of Takeshi’s most loyal pokemon as well as one of his top fighters. Takeshi caught him 9 years ago.

Garchomp (Ibirujo) Male *Shiny (On storage)

This Garchomp was out on an outrage for several days around Mt Silver and no trainer was able to stop it. Takeshi took the initiative to help and tried to stop it with his team of Pokemon. The Garchomp nearly wiped out most of his team and in the end Takeshi ran in to stop it. Being desperate, he wrestled it with the help of Yireh to stop the Garchomp and was in a stand still until the three passed out in exhaustion. At the pokemon center the Garchomp was founded to be previously wounded by unknown reasons causing its insanity and due to its long outrage its scales were dyed an ash gray from its own raging heat. Takeshi, wanting to take care of the Garchomp from the hate it received from the people, decided to adopt it as his own. Ibirujo is thankful to Takeshi’s actions and became one of the most reliable pokemon in Takeshi’s team and as well his strongest. Takeshi caught him 5 years ago. Ibirujo is the fourth member of his Dragon Team.

Takeshi has many more Pokemon being held in storage and in training among the world.

Takeshi’s Six Dragons-
(These are Takeshi’s top 6 dragon pokemon and uses them for serious battles)

Leader: Yireh (Dragonite) Met at Dragon’s Den (Given by H. Dragon Master)
2nd Member: Kamui (Gyarados) Met at Lake of Rage (Caught)
3rd Member: Reijus (Salamence) Met at Ever Grande City (Given by Drake)
4th Member: Ibirujo (Garchomp) Met at Mt. Silver (Caught)
5th Member: Aozora (Hydreigon) Met at Victory Road Unova (Caught)
6th Member: Gigras (Haxorus) Met at Dragon Village (Given by Elder)


Lol, i'm a geek woot :D
Monster Hunter Cade
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:29 pm by Monster Hunter Cade
Cliff Jores
About 12 years old.
Charmander(Charizard's baby, male)
went on his pokemon journey at age ten, traveling with his two friends Mimi and Mark.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:36 pm by Ataraxia
The Wanderer

Age unknown, though thought to be in late teens. Oddly, eye witness accounts of sightings for this stranger date back at least a hundred years.

Male, slim, though strong and athletic in build.

Known Pokemon:

Scizor - Pokeball type: Unknown, never seen to be called out, always at The Wanderer's side upon the time of sighting - Distinctive black scar running across it's left eye diagonnaly downwards.

Celebi - Pokeball type: Unknown, only seen once, witness' account unreliable. Said to have reached out to the Wanderer long ago after deeming him worthy. Of what, is currently debated. Some say a gift, some say a curse, some say an important task reaching through time. This would explain the possible sightings dating back further than it seems possible for him to have lived.

The Wanderer has made appearances all over the globe, in all known regions, usually in the background of historical or important events. Occasionally he appears in remote places, thinly populated and battles a trainer of his select choosing before vanishing once more. He is never known to lose. Only one solid, reliable source of evidence for his existence exists; a photograph taken of the Red and Blue Orbs after the Team Magma and Aqua calamity. The photo depicts the young boy who saved the Hoenn region, Hoenn gym leaders, elite four and champion, and the two elders atop Mt.Pyre, with both orbs in their rightful place. Further off in the background, The Wanderer is visible, obscured by cloud, Scizor at his side, looking straight at the camera.

The photographer noticed this shortly after taking the image, but after a quick investigation, found no one there, and no trace of the the person or pokemon.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:01 pm by Crystalis

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Ultimate Jaggi
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:37 pm by Ultimate Jaggi
I liek Ataraxia's :D
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:02 pm by Ataraxia
@Ultimate Jaggi wrote:
I liek Ataraxia's :D

^^ Why thank you; there's something about Pokemon specifically, I just find it pretty easy to come up with stuff for it.

I would write a fanfic, but I dun wanna jinx it. T_T
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:50 pm by Red
i think you should give it a shot it sounds interesting.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:41 pm by Ares
Seriously, did anyone read mine? It was actually quite hilarious compared to the other bull shit I write.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:22 pm by Red
i though it was good Ares anyway
second charater:
appearance:black hair to his neck with a jagged fring going down that stops just before his eyes,blue eyes,black shirt open with a black t-shirt,a loose metal belt,black jeans and black and white checkered vans.
home town:Viridian city

info:He's a very quiet/relaxed person he keeps mostly to himself and rarely talks to people although because oh his looks he tends to get people coming up to him.
he loves his pokemons and dreams of being the champion.

story:he ran away from home when he was 16 in the kanto region because he refused to move with his mom and dad to sinnoh.
he got a charmander from a kind woman breeding them and went on his way into Viridian forest.
after many harsh and exciting battles with trainers and gyms he found himself fighting a articuno he was never seen after that untill 3 years where he walked into Indigo plateau with all 8th badges to take on the E4.


Stig found Charizard as a Charmander being gave away by a kind woman in her 20's
and soon Stig and Charmander became each others closest friends and can normaly understand whats going in each others head's even without words.
charizard tends to get on with everyone

Stig found him fighting off poachers to save the other tauros from being taken away after helping it fight off the poachers he saw it was hurt so he helped it get better once it was well it wanted to protect him so tauros joined his team.
it tends to be very proud and protective of everyone.

Stig was got scyther from the game corner at first scyther would not listen to Stig and would cut him up alot but after a while it saw how everyone worked hard together and it started to feel bad and helped out and soon learn to love everyone after Stig came back he had scizor insted of his scizor.
Scizor loves power and will smash things just because it can it tends to fight with charizard alot.

eevee was given to him by sabrina as she though he would be best to look after it and for other reasons...eevee liked Stig from the start and would even piss off charizard because of how close it try to get to Stig.
most oh the time its fine with the other members but wants them all to babied it.

when Stig came back he had a articuno along with scizor he got it in his battle it would seem.
articune very vain and shows it.
it also watches everyone in interest.

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Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:21 am by Ares
Thank you Yuri.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:23 am by Chips
Is that trainer based on your Pokemon HG Run :D red?

I still to get the motivation to finish my HG/SS lol xD Its only on 2nd gym.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:39 am by Red
yeah kinda he's base on both my yellow and soulsilver run XD
and lol good luck on it man ^^.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:19 pm by InstaCakes

Main pokemon:
Blastoise (Hydro Pump, Brick Break, Blizzard and Surf)
Clefable (Water Pulse, Sing, DREAM EATER MWUHAHAHAH and Psychic)
Dewgong (Aurora Beam, Sheer Cold, Water Gun, Sleep)
Raichu (Thunder, Thunder Wave, Agility, Double Team)
Pidgeot (Fly, Peck, Gust and Feather Dance)
Kabutops (Cut, Agility, Surf, Harden)
Hitmonchan (Focus Punch, Ice/Fire/Thunder Punch)
Alakazam (Teleport, Psychic, Future Sight, Kinesis)

Yes, all of them are from Fire Red, problem? :hicc: It's the only Pokemon game I've ever played properly anyway.

Backstory? I'm feeling really lazy right now, so I'll just say he wants to rival the legendary Ash from Pallet Town. He's from Pewter City.

Appearance: Unusually tall at 1.88m, and he always seems to have some dirt on his shoes. His almost-black wavy brown hair is usually a complete riot since he rarely combs it. Brown eyes. A notable feature is a small scar on his chin from one time years earlier when he accidentally flew off his bike down a hill.
He has a white T-shirt, black trousers with a stripe each end and black and white shoes. He occasionally wears half-gloves, a necklace and/or a bracelet when he feels like it (usually for a Contest).

Personality: Artistic, likes to draw and making up choreographs for the heck of it, although he can get very perfectionist. He's lonely, but he is very friendly to whoever gets to know him apart from his looks and art. Mind his short fuse though, and if he starts getting really angry you're better off leaving him alone. (A worthy note might be that Clefable Sings him to sleep whenever this happens, unless it's intentional and mid-contest)
In battles, however, his style turns crude and almost always completely devoid of elegance but powerful and merciless, usually reducing his enemy's statuses to minimum before bringing an endless flurry of attacks on his opponent, a strategy which has rarely failed him.
Re: pokemon original character
Post on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:55 am by Otoshimo
Ok I have 1 that intertwines with one of my friends. So when I see her again I'll ask her to email meh what we wrote. From there I'll probably post Both of ours when I can really get on a computer.

Re: pokemon original character
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pokemon original character

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