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 Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!! - Page 28 Empty
PostPokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!

I'mm shaking from excitement, I honestly have NEVER been this ecstatic about a new Pokemon game

I have fond memories of Red and Blue, I smile when I remember Christmas at my Great Grandmas house with Gold and Silver with like five of my cousins, I remember excitedly telling my aunt an Uncle about Ruby and Sapphire while holding a gaming magazine, I remember being so pissed when I lost my DS on a bus and couldn't get Diamond and Pearl, and I remember watching the Japanese release of Black and White, watching each batch of Pokemon, speculating with people about the starter Evos, etc

But never, NEVER has my jaw dropped, my whole torso shake, my heart race, and my hands clench when watching an announcement for a Pokemon game.

I can't begin to wrap my head around the amazing things I saw during that live video, I just cannot wait for more information, for more new Pokemon, for the INTERNATIONAL release of these gorgeous 3D games
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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!! :: Comments

Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!
Post on Fri May 23, 2014 2:01 pm by Verity19
@NVQs2 wrote:
The Poké Ball Pattern Vivillion seems like it will be hard to get. You know, unless you are in Paris.
I know, or unless you happen to know someone in Paris who would trade you one, but that wouldn't be easy, either >.>
My brother who also plays Pokemon already told me about that pattern... It's upsetting that it's only there, and that I don't have one D:
At least this new pattern will be distributed worldwide if GTS's trade count hits 100 million... I've already done a few more trades on there today, and I'm planning to do more. I even got lucky and traded a Geodude for a shiny Deerling, and my extra Kyurem for a shiny Banette... I need to look at these other Pokemon more often ">.>

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!
Post on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:51 pm by Verity19
Thought I might put this here, but the Fancy Vivillon's available to grab, in case anyone's curious and didn't know yet...
My brother got his Monday, and I just got mine a few minutes ago.
Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!
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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!!!

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