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 Super Smash Bros Thread

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PostSuper Smash Bros Thread

So, it seems I started a revival on the chatbox here bringing back one of nintendo's most epic games. This is a thread for those whom I've had the pleasure of fighting on super smash bros. brawl, and anyone else who plays that is interested in a good ole rumble.

Share your brawl codes here, set up matches with other forumers
your favorite characters, your roster, battle technique
Awesome moments that happened fighting others, and those wacky moments on brawl that we snapshot XD

just keep it brawl related please.
my code, if anyone cares, is 1335-0298-2631
Happy brawling!!!
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Super Smash Bros Thread :: Comments

Re: Super Smash Bros Thread
Post on Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:00 am by Lalo
So, for anyone with this game, setup your code and feel free to battle me and oto every (insert day here) and (insert day here) at 10pm Central time or 11pm Central time

Re: Super Smash Bros Thread
Post on Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:44 am by Guest
I tend to prefer melee over brawl, but I have played both quite a bit as well as the original game. I use falco and marth mostly, and a bit of samus.

No point giving out my friend code because I don't enjoy playing online, the latency is just crippling.
Re: Super Smash Bros Thread
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Super Smash Bros Thread

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