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 Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Phazon Xenomorph
Phazon Xenomorph

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PostAliens: Colonial Marines

EDIT: Placing this Edit here. With the game release so close I just wanted to post a disclaimer that should be common sense but people sometimes forget or just don't care so here it is. When the game is released you are more than welcome to post info in the thread about the game and the story, however if you do so, if it can EVEN be SLIGHTLY considered a spoiler (no coy hints or anything about like "oh just WAIT till you get to 'X room' ") you MUST post it in a spoiler, I will not tolerate spoilers of the games story or anything revealing not being under a spoiler tag.

If you are here at this post and you don't know how to spoiler a message you can do it one of two ways, you can click the others tab above the typing area for posting and select spoiler, it will put two brackets that look like [.spoiler][./spoiler] without the periods there, and you can put your text between the two spoiler brackets, or you can just type out whatever you want and then highlight your post and select the spoiler option and it will auto do it for you.

I have a very heavy personal interest in this game and not to mention that everyone moves and plays at their own pace, people know what a spoiler tag means so spoilers ARE allowed but they must be tagged or the post will be deleted and the user warned.

Here is a spoiler example without any real spoilers but to show you how it will appear:

Lastly you are free to use this topic to share Gamertags or Wii U friend codes or whatever to party up. Enjoy.

For those who are oddly out of the loop, Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out multi-platform February 12th.

Events take place right after Aliens itself. I shall be playing it on the 13th (sadly here in Louisiana I somehow managed to place my Pre-order for the collector's edition at the ONE Gamestop that is closed on the 12 due to Mardi Gras because it's inside a shopping mall on the parade-route that's closed.).

However who else here is getting it, and for what system (PC, XBOX 360, PS3)?

And for those who don't know and are still clueless I leave you these links: (XBOX version I'm getting, normally I'm a PC nut because PC is best for shooters, however PC version does not have collectors, only XBOX and PS3).

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Aliens: Colonial Marines :: Comments

Ultimate Jaggi
Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines
Post on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:53 pm by Ultimate Jaggi

Check this out^
The trailers we've seen before release could possibly be from the wii u version.
Phazon Xenomorph
Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines
Post on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:38 pm by Phazon Xenomorph
Already heard and know about that, but I'm less than impressed honestly, the only thing supposedly the Wii U has is a LOT more ram, about the same Graphics card as the other systems ,and a slightly stronger processor, either way I can't get a Wii U yet due to money.
Phazon Xenomorph
Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines
Post on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:12 pm by Phazon Xenomorph
So apparently this is worse than even I imagined for this game.

Losing nearly 65% of its players in just one week...and top that off with this recent possibility:

Just wow. It's one thing for a developer to overhype their own game and none of us are new to that outcome or getting a poor game when we thought we were getting something good, but this is a whole new level of deception and truly shows just how stupid some of these people think we are.

We gamers have to definitely take a stand against these kinds of practices, we can't allow ourselves to be abused in this manner.

Honestly I really hope Gearbox goes down for this, they don't deserve to stay afloat if the rumors of embezzlement indeed prove true.
Phazon Xenomorph
Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines
Post on Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:41 am by Phazon Xenomorph
So Bug Hunt comes out on the 19th and if the rumors are true it's not even a true bug hunt, it's against Xenos AND WEYLAND-YUTANI Mercs...JOY we didn't get enough of that during the Campaign...also it supposedly mimics the COD Zombies game mode...lame as shit.

Also lol @ Xbox kiddies/baddies who somehow think my low Gamerscore somehow is an indication of skill, sorry but I don't blow absurd amounts of money on buying/renting XBOX games and then achievement boosting...such a retarded generation of gamers (who by the voice messages they send me aren't even teenagers and playing M-rated games).

I challenge any gamer who thinks Gamerscore, achievement points, whatever (or any gamer even) to put down the COD, Battlefield, whatever, and play me in a game of skill like UT2k4 (Unreal Tournament 2004, mentioned it before in the past), Quake 3 Arena with CPMA mod (mentioned before also), or even Counter Strike 1.6 ( Mentioned before also but I'm terrible at it lol). And watch as I hand your ass to you and strip any sense of worth in gaming away from you.
Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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